I’ve been inspired over the past few weeks by my wife. She set a goal back in November to run the Music City Half Marathon. She started running 3 miles every few days. Her endurance built up and a month ago, she ran 11 miles one Saturday morning. Two weeks ago, she ran 12 miles. I get tired driving 12 miles!

Call me a rocket scientist, but one thing I’ve realized about half marathons… you don’t drift into running them. I drift into laziness. You have to choose to train for a half marathon.

The same is true in your relationships:

-You don’t drift into being close with your teenage son…you choose it.

-You don’t drift into being a trusted friend…you choose it.

-You don’t drift into having a Christ-like relationship with your child’s parent, that is your ex-spouse…you choose it.

-You don’t drift into a healthy, growing, fulfilling marriage…you choose it.

-You don’t drift toward forgiveness, you choose it…and then you choose it again.

-You don’t drift into honesty, vulnerability and authenticity…you choose it.

-You don’t drift into an intimate relationship with God, you make time for it and you prioritize it…you choose it.

I can’t speak for you, but maybe you are like me. There are times in my life that I have found myself out of shape physically, or out of balance in my family life, or out of whack in my marriage, or feeling distant from God. What happens is I underestimate the pull that drifting has in my life, marriage and relationship with God. I wake up and I can’t believe how far I am from where I want to be.

Is there an area of your life (friendship, family relationship, marriage, relationship with God) that you have been drifting and just expecting it to get better or easier or more healthy?

You don’t drift into health, you choose health.

Adapted from: http://refineus.org/2010/04/you-dont-drift-into-health/