Have you heard some of the rumors about the connection between peanut butter and belly fat?

Most likely, what you’ve heard isn’t the full story…

Two flab busting foods you may have mistakenly been avoiding are peanuts and peanut butter.

Many people often jump to think about the high fat and calorie content when considering nuts in their diets… when in fact, small portions of peanuts can actually help you FIGHT that belly bulge.

2 Teaspoons of this FIGHTS Bellyfat v2That’s because peanuts are high in fat, but they are high in GOOD fats

…yes, I said GOOD fats.

Similar to other healthy nuts, peanuts are energy packed and can help curb your hunger while making you feel more full in between meals.

It’s also high in folate, protein, niacin, and even fiber… some very essential stuff!

Just 1.5 oz or about 50 nuts can actually curb hunger. But as with most foods, portion size is key. So, eating too much of a good thing could blow your diet out of the water, and you’ll still be stuck with that belly bulge.

While we are talking about peanuts, let’s also talk about the gooey, scrumptious peanut butter goodness that brings back fond memories of childhood picnics, school lunches, and late night snacking go-to.

But, when it comes to peanut butter, it’s critical that you look at the ingredients…

Just like many of the peanut butter brands we grew up with, today’s store bought peanut butters contain the downright evil main ingredient know as hydrogenated oil

Watch out for hydrogenated oil!

The big food companies use hydrogenated oil to keep the peanut butter from separating, and to make it look more appealing because you won’t have to stir it.

That’s when it gets sticky… literally.

When these companies add the hydrogenated oil, the peanut butter becomes very unhealthy… and that’s what can add those ugly inches to your waistline.

So, when you’re out shopping, look for peanut butter with NO added oil or sugar.

Also, try a natural peanut butter and only use about two teaspoons. Why?

Because just 2 teaspoons is about 200 calories (of good fat and nutrients) and that will keep you from snacking between meals!

Make sure to stir it before use, and when finished, store in your pantry or refrigerator upside down. This will make stirring it easier when you open it again.

Another tip is to ALWAYS avoid “light” peanut butter… it is even worse. That’s because in many cases, they take out actual peanuts (the healthy part) and add extra sweeteners and other carbohydrates that can add more belly fat.

Don’t be fooled by these peanut imposters and ALWAYS check the ingredients.

So if you’re feeling hungry, don’t be afraid to reach out and grab some peanuts or some of the natural peanut butter. It’s one “guilty pleasure” you don’t have to give up when making healthier choices.

Just be sure to watch out for store-bought peanut butter.

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Enjoy learning about these surprising foods and you’ll thank us later 😉