3 Secrets to Shielding Your Brain from Memory Loss

If you expect to live into your 80s and beyond, which I dare say most of us do, there’s an important statistic you need to be aware of…

According to the National Institute on Aging, by the time you reach your 80s, you have a 50% chance of suffering from significant cognitive decline.[1] That’s right, the odds that you’ll literally lose your mind by the time you’re in your 80s are no better than the toss of a coin!

It’s sad but true — there is no cure for age-related cognitive decline, and experts say that the problem is becoming increasingly widespread.[2] But that doesn’t mean you have to be a “sitting duck,” just waiting to become another victim. While the cause of this sharp rise in age-related cognitive decline is not fully understood, one thing is for sure — if you want to keep your mind and memory intact as you age, you can’t risk a passive “it won’t be me” mentality.

And just because there’s no cure, this doesn’t mean you’re helpless. Just a few simple steps can help stack the odds in your favor for an active brain and healthy memory throughout your life.

I’m Joshua Corn, Editor-in-Chief of Live in the Now, one of the fastest growing natural health publications in the nation. My passion for natural health drives me to seek out alternative health solutions that are safe, effective and practical.

Please keep reading because I’m here to caution you that the current medical establishment will be of little help if you start to suffer from brain decay. I’m also going to tell you about three natural brain health solutions that are shunned by most doctors, despite showing phenomenal promise in boosting your brain.

The Sad Truth: If You Wait for Treatment…It’s Too Late

If concern about losing your cognitive abilities prompts you to ask your doctor about prevention strategies, you probably won’t be happy with the answer you get. You’ll most likely be told that there’s little you can do and no need to worry. But according to NIH’s National Institute on Aging, the sad truth is that current drugs are only marginally effective at treating brain decay and have many side effects.[3] So why aren’t doctors focusing their attention on prevention?
Brain decay is terrifying — from losing your memories and being unable to recognize familiar faces… to losing the ability to take care of yourself. My advice to you, whether you’re 45 or 75, is to start protecting your mind now, before you become just another sad statistic.

The 3 Secrets to Life-Long Brain Health
Over the last few years, I’ve made brain decay prevention a personal mission. I’ve read nearly every research paper ever published on the matter and have interviewed many leading experts nationwide.

What I’ve learned is that amazing new research is proving that specific nutrients, along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, may be the secret remedy long overlooked by traditional medicine. The science shows that these nutrients have an undeniable positive impact on brain health.

Based on my research, the following three nutrients are the “best of the best” and what I believe to be the overlooked “secrets” to preventing cognitive decline.

This Antioxidant Is the Brain’s Fountain of Youth
Your brain depends on the powerful antioxidant CoQ10 to keep it healthy. This makes sense since CoQ10 is a primary player in your body’s energy production processes, and your brain has incredibly high demands for cellular energy.

Research shows that deficits of CoQ10 severely compromises brain function, leading to sluggish thinking and memory impairment.[4] Yet, far too many people are deficient in CoQ10, especially seniors. That’s because as you get older, your body produces less and less CoQ10.

However, when you do have adequate levels, your mind and memory thrive! According to a UCSD study, proper levels of CoQ10 can slow brain deterioration by 44%.[4] Furthermore, studies show that people with high levels of CoQ10 have sharper mental acuity, better motor abilities and more mental energy. CoQ10 also benefits your heart and overall energy levels.[5]

It’s important to take the right kind of CoQ10, since many supplements out there are junk. I’ll cover this in more detail in my “buyer’s guide” below.

The Omega-3 That Your Brain Craves
One particular omega-3 called DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is absolutely critical to optimal brain function. As you age, your brain’s ability to absorb DHA declines and your levels can drop significantly. This literally starves your mind, compromising both brain function and memory retention.[6]

The results of scientific studies on the brain protecting effects of DHA are incredibly compelling. For example one study showed a 60% decrease in cognitive decline in those who had a regular intake of DHA.[7,8] Additionally, research has shown that those suffering from cognitive decline have dramatically lower levels of DHA in their brains.[9]

Overall, if you really dig into the research, it’s basically irrefutable that DHA can speed up brain wave activity, help to create more synapses in the brain and preserve healthy memory function.

Sadly, too many people have critically low levels of DHA, especially people over the age of 65. However, I recommend you take only a specific type of DHA to make sure you’re not doing more harm than good — more on that later.

One of the Most Powerful Brain Protectors Ever
Here are 2 factoids about the nation of India. The first one you’ll probably find only moderately interesting, and perhaps not too surprising. However, the second one might wow you.

Fact 1: The nation of India has the highest consumption rate of the spice turmeric in the word. Turmeric is the primary spice used in curries.

Fact 2: India has one of the lowest rates of cognitive decline in the world, with a death rate that is 8 times lower than that of the U.S.[10,11]

What’s the connection between these two facts? The answer can be found in a powerful antioxidant called curcumin, which is a component of the curry spice turmeric. In fact, research shows that curcumin has profound protective benefits for the brain.
One study shows that curcumin turns on a key gene signal involved with nerve protection, which boosts antioxidant enzymes in the brain and helps to prevent neurodegeneration.[12] Other research has shown that curcumin not only has positive benefits on memory, but also acts as a potent anti-inflammatory.[13] However, it’s important to take a standardized extract of curcumin to make sure you’re getting therapeutic amounts of the active ingredient.

So How Do You Put These 3 Secrets to Good Use?
I want to remind you that by the time you reach 80, you have a 50% chance of suffering from cognitive decline.

That’s why I firmly believe that CoQ10, DHA and curcumin are the best tools available to you for brain protection, along with healthy eating, exercise and keeping your mind active. However, readers ask me all the time how they can put these secrets to good use on a practical basis.

It’s important to understand that you can’t just take any supplement. If you’re not careful, you could end up wasting your time and money, and more importantly, missing out on the opportunity to prevent something terrible from happening.

Here are some quick tips for you:

  1. CoQ10: Many CoQ10 supplements contain “fake” CoQ10 synthesized from tobacco leaves of all things. Look for the words “trans-form” on the label to make sure it’s natural CoQ10. Don’t take less than 100 mg per day.
  2. DHA: Lots of DHA supplements have too little DHA to be beneficial. 100 mg is a good amount. I prefer plant-based DHA, so I don’t have to worry about any marine pollutants like mercury.
  3. Curcumin: The “good stuff” in curcumin is called curcuminoids. And too many supplements have too little of it. Look for a supplement that provides about 200 mg per day and is standardized to 95% total curcuminiods.

The “All-In-One” Solution I Personally Recommend
You can take CoQ10, DHA or curcumin supplements separately and get good results. But for the absolute best synergistic benefits, I highly recommend taking all three of them. This provides a complete umbrella of protection.

However there are two problems with taking all three of these supplements:

a) You end up taking a lot of pills per day — usually about 6 to 8 depending on the brands.

b) You end up spending a lot of money — upwards of $100 a month for high quality supplements.

For years, I asked why no company was combining CoQ10, DHA and curcumin together in an “all-in-one” easy-to-take formula that would save people time and money.

That’s why I set out to formulate a single supplement that would make it easy and affordable to take these 3 nutrients all together.

And guess what — you only need to take 2 pills per day, and it’s priced as low as $19.95 per bottle (plus you get free shipping with the special offer below).

You Owe It to Yourself to Give This a Try
I should mention that in addition to my work with Live in the Now, I also own a company called Stop Aging Now, which has been making premium grade dietary supplements for nearly 20 years.

Working with my Scientific Advisory Board, I created Brain Energizer®, and I don’t go a day without taking it. I encourage you to do your own research, and perhaps you will want to try out these nutrients individually. But if you want your mind to work better now and start protecting your memory for the future, I sincerely think you’ll find no better “all-in-one” solution.

ONLY Brain Energizer Contains the 3 Nutrients You Need
to Ensure Life-Long Brain Health:

  • 100 mg of Kaneka Q10™ CoQ10: This is of the highest quality “trans-form” variety from the brand that is used by all of the top researchers.
  • 100 mg of life’sDHA™: This ultra-pure, premium DHA is from a vegetarian source so you don’t have to worry about ocean pollutants or toxins.
  • 200 mg of Curcumin Extract: We use a potent extract standardized to the highest possible 95% total curcuminoids for maximum benefits.

IN ADDITION, I’ve added these brain boosting and memory protecting nutrients for added benefits:

  • 200 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid: This potent “universal” antioxidant is extremely effective at protecting the integrity of brain cell mitochondria and is actually capable of purifying brain cells.
  • 30 of VitaBerry® Blend: The unique antioxidants found in certain fruits and berries offer scientifically proven benefits to brain function. This potent blend features wild blueberry, cranberry, raspberry, strawberry, prune, tart cherry, wild bilberry, grape and grape seed extract.
  • 10 mg of Vinpocetine: An extract of the periwinkle plant, vinpocetine has been proven to increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain, as well as to improve attention span, concentration and memory retention.

A Complete Umbrella of Protection…and a GREAT VALUE
Brain Energizer is made in the USA in a state-of-the-art FDA-inspected facility and is priced as low as $19.95 per bottle. This is much less than what you would pay for many of these brain-saving ingredients if you were to purchase them individually. In fact, you could spend upwards of $100 a month for high quality supplements. Plus it ships to you for free, is tax-free and comes with an incredible 365-day “any reason” guarantee!

Don’t Just Take My Word For It
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