Joe Barton here. I promised to send you some extra helpful tips this month, as we celebrate our 10th anniversary at Barton Publishing. Today I want to help you boost your memory.

As we get older, many of us experience a higher frequency of “senior moments.” Here are 3 tricks that improve your memory, and actually help strengthen and rebuild your brain.

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These tips are a bit unusual … but they have the science to back them up:

  • 3 memory tricksGet a grip to build memory – When trying to memorize something, clench and unclench your left hand. Researchers at Montclair State University believe the squeezing may help activate the left side of your brain, responsible for encoding memory.
  • Let music strengthen your memory “muscle” – Listening to music helps improve your recall. But oddly, only if listened to before engaging in an activity. Researchers have found that we get distracted by any noise when focusing on a task. This means that during the activity we want to recall, silence is best.
  • Doodle – The journal of Applied Cognitive Psychology proves that drawing helps memory. Doodlers recalled 29% more information presented on a tape than those who only listened. So doodle while you learn!

These tips are great for keeping your mind sharp, even as time tries to slow you down, but using proven memory methods is only half of the equation.

The foods we eat also have a direct impact on our brain’s sharpness, and you might be damaging your brain by eating the wrong food. There are memory-killing ingredients hidden in many popular dishes.

The worst offenders are found in common meals that many people eat weekly – or even daily. This free video outlines the worst foods for your brain, and shows you what to eat instead… so you can continue dazzling friends with your smarts.

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