broccoli leaves source of vitamin a, potassium and folateWhat do broccoli leaves, stinky feet and coloring books have in common? All three topics are featured in this month’s issue of Home Cures That Work!

After reading the article Broccoli Leaves: The Superfood Sitting in Your Garbage Can, you’ll never chuck those leaves again! Health writer Jessica Sanders offers some very convincing information about how healthy and tasty broccoli leaves are for you.You’ll learn which specific nutrients these vitamin-packed leaves contain. Jessica also tells you where to find them and provides you with a number of delicious ideas to prepare them.

Cruciferous vegetable like broccoli that are rich in sulfur made be responsible for some smelly bottoms…But this month’s Home Cures That Work is going to help you stay clear of stinky feet!

7 easy ways to ban stinky feetHave you ever been knocked over by the unpleasant odor emanating from someone’s feet? Or perhaps you’ve been invited over to someone’s house and they have a no-shoes-indoors policy. But you’re self-conscious about removing your shoes because you know that your feet stink.

Whether you’re the offending culprit, or someone you love, natural health writer Rob Fischer introduces you to 7 Easy Ways to Ban Stinky Feet. In this article you’ll discover the most likely causes of stinky feet and surefire remedies to getting rid of foot odor fast. In addition, Rob provides 7 recipes for personal hygiene that will leave your feet feeling great and with a fresh, clean scent.

Once you’ve eliminated stinky feet, it’s time to move on to another vivid article in the rainbow of topics offered in the December issue of Home Cures That Work. There, Rob Fischer addresses a truly vibrant trend as: Adults Turn to Coloring Books for Relaxation and More

6 reasons you should color v2Go to any major bookstore and you’ll discover that they have a whole section of books devoted to coloring for adults. In fact, adult coloring books are turning out to be a holiday favorite! In this colorful article, you’ll discover at least six reasons adults are turning to coloring books to relieve stress and give expression to their creativity. We also list a number of sources for great coloring books for adults. Let go of inhibitions, and reap the benefits of expressing yourself.

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P.S. As Christmas rapidly approaches, consider buying an adult coloring book for that hard-to-buy-for friend or family member. Find the best sources here.