There are 5 reasons why I recommend you grab a copy of my friend Helen’s new Dessert Angel Heavenly Recipes Guide right now.

1. Because you’ll have a collection of 78 healthy dessert recipes, like cookies, brownies, pies, cakes and more giving you endless variety and that actually BURN fat and give you energy.

2. You can learn how to use different ingredients like beans, chia, coconut, and almond flour to create mouth-watering treats.

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4. It comes with the Perfect Workout Recovery Treats cook booklet, which you can have instead of protein shakes to recover from workouts, giving you some variety. They’re also super convenient to take with you wherever you are working out.

5. Perhaps the

most important reason to grab this recipe collection is because now you can eat things like cookies

– WITHOUT actually cheating on your diet – and WITHOUT the feelings of guilt and depression associated with cheating.

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I’ve looked through all of the recipes and they get my seal of approval. Get this recipe book today – you’ll thank me after.

After grabbing the book, I strongly suggest trying the “Crazy Choco Chip Cookie Dough” recipe on page 14. It’s super easy and tastes so good, you’ll be SHOCKED at the main ingredient!