Those who have an iPhone, or even iPod Touch, know that they are capable of doing just about everything from organizing your finances to maintaining your home. Go the extra step and take care of yourself in food, workouts, mental health, and more by having a look at these 50 iPhone apps that will make you much healthier.

iPhone Apps That Will Have You Eating Healthier

Because it all begins with what you eat, get better health by utilizing these diet and nutrition iPhone apps and iPod Touch apps.

    1. Calorie Tracker: The application from Livestrong allows you to track the foods you eat and the fitness activities you do. You can look up or track your daily caloric, carbohydrate, and protein intake of your favorite foods at the touch of a button. Other useful features include a weight tracker and a database of over 520,000 food items.

    2. Nutrition Menu: Make sure to eat healthy while dining out with the help of this app. It contains nutrition information for both fast food chains over 79,000 food items. It sells for $9.99, but those who want to use the app without connecting to the internet will find it worth the price.

    3. Whole Food Market Recipes: Even if you don’t shop there, you can still get loads of recipes with this free app. Choose from unique options such as budget, vegan, or recipes using on hand ingredients. You can also find directions to the nearest location, along with its weekly specials.

    4. EatingWell Healthy in a Hurry: This app is an edited selection of 200 of EatingWell’s best and fastest recipes. Pictures, recipes, and tips are included. Nutritional information is listed with each, and many are ready in just 15 minutes.

    5. Dinner Spinner: From comes this iPhone app with loads of recipes. Just tap to select what type of dish, main ingredient, and preparation time to get an answer. You can also create a list of favorites or view featured recipes.

    6. MiMeals: Create your meal plan and stick with it for the entire week with this app. For $1.99, it supports all seven days and three meals. There is also a favorite option and embedded grocery list.

    7. Grocery IQ: Half the task of eating healthy is making sure you get the right items. This iPhone application can load specific items such as Diet Dr. Pepper 12 count fridge pack, instead of just soda. You can also share the list with a spouse’s iPhone and it even has a Google like search.

    8. Epicurious: Eat like an aficionado with the help of this iPhone app. It contains over 30,000 popular and fresh recipes. It also contains drink recipes and pairing recommendations.

iPhone Indoor Workout Apps That Will Make You Much Healthier

Get these health iPhone applications or iPod Touch apps to make the most of your gym time, or do a workout at home or in the office.

    9. Fitness Builder: Get ready for this all-in-one app that has a ton of features. It contains a drag and drop workout builder, over 4,000 images and videos, and over 400 custom workouts. You can also choose from preloaded workouts for beginners, dabblers, and enthusiasts or use The Fitness Guru to build your very own workouts.

    10. iFitness: Get individual exercises, a custom workout, pre-set routines, and a log from this top selling app. You can even edit the exercises to your own needs if you need to take it up or down a notch. A good deal for only $1.99.

    11. Men’s Health Workouts: Get over 150 exercises for men for $1.99. It includes custom workouts, specialized exercises, and a new expansion pack. There is even a new Beach Ready workout, and a new one is added each week. Great for iPod Touch on the go.

    12. Women’s Health Workouts: This iPhone app is packed with 120 exercises so you can tailor a fitness plan that targets your trouble zones. It contains instructions and photos, as well as a logging feature to track your progress. Also for $1.99, it has different programs for different goals.

    13. iPump Pilates: Can’t make it to the gym? Then grab your iPhone, $1.99, and do these workouts from your home or office. The iPhone application guides you through a strength training and body toning regimen and even tracks your progress.

    14. iTreadmill: Get the most popular pace counter through this iPhone app. It can tell you both your current and target pace, along with distance, time, and calories burned. Use it for indoors, outdoors, or even run in place to get an accurate reading.

    15. Hundred Pushups: Sound like a lot? Then get this iPhone app and see how both men and women can get to a hundred pushups in as little as six weeks. You can even adjust the program level to suit your level after exhaustion tests.

    16. Body Book Manual: If you are a weight lifter, this is the iPod Touch app and iPhone app for you. It easily lets you keep track of reps, weight, and even personalized notes. The free app also lets you edit entries.

iPhone Outdoor Workout Apps That Will Make You Much Healthier

Check out these health apps for bikers, hikers, joggers, and more for iPhone.

    17. RunKeeper: This app is compatible with a variety of outdoor workouts including running, cycling, hiking, and walking. It keeps track of tons of information on your workout, along with a map. It also stores your workout history, contains auto sharing features, and is available for free or a paid pro version.

    18. iMapMy: Use this app and your iPhone’s built in GPS technology to map your run, bike ride, or hike. It will keep track of time, distance, pace, average, and more. You can even access their database to get 2.6 million pre-downloaded running or cycling maps.

    19. Trails: This iPhone app allows you to record, import, and export tracks onto your iPhone. For $2.99, use it for hiking or any other outdoor activity. With two taps you can also share your trails via Google Earth and others.

    20. TeeShot Live: Get help with choosing a club, deciding on a shot, how far away the green is, and much more with this iPhone golfing app. New features include official USGA handicaps and even more statistics. A bit pricey at $19.95, but golf lovers will enjoy it.

    21. The Bike Computer: Just scroll down to get this iPhone app for bikers. It gives you key stats on your ride including average mph, trip length, and more. You can also upload a ride directly from EveryTrail.

    23. Apimac Timer: This free app is a complete and professional stopwatch. Use it for runs, workouts, and more. It can also be used as an alarm clock.

iPhone Apps That Will Teach You About Health

Don’t just app about health, learn about it with these leading health iPhone apps, many of which are by or for doctors.

    24. Web MD: Take the knowledge of this leading site wherever you go with this app. A free download lets you check your symptoms, get treatment information, and first aid essentials.

    25. Wellness Tip of The Day: Available for free, this iPhone app will give you 365 tips on health and wellness day by day. Tips are approved by a Cleveland clinic physician and are useful for food, body, fitness, and mind.

    26. New York Times: Chose the health section of this popular newspaper to get the latest news. You can customize it and three other sections to automatically display. Other features include offline reading and photo view.

    27. Pocket First Aid & CPR: Get a ton of information on first aid on the go with this application from the American Heart Association. In addition to CPR, the app also includes the most up-to-date emergency information. Videos, illustrations, and more show you how.

    28. Human Atlas: If you have $19.99 and a love of the human anatomy, Blausen Medical has an app for you. This interactive iPhone atlas contains thousands of images and medical terms. It is for those with a sixth to seventh grade reading level and also covers various diseases.

    29. Diamedic: Diabetics looking for help with health should take a look at this app. It allows you to record glucose readings, insulin injections, medications, lab results, and exercise workouts on the go. A standout feature is the graphs that average daily and monthly readings.

    30. Quitter: Learn all about how to quit smoking with the help of this iPhone and iPod Touch app. For no charge, it will keep track of how long you’ve been smoke-free and how much money you have saved. New features include how much you save in different currencies.

    31. Sportacular: Because health buffs can also be sports nuts, this is the app for them. Go beyond a single app per sport and get the NBA, NFL, NHL, and others straight to your iPhone. It also contains a news section, stats, and even a feature for fantasy football lovers.

iPhone Social Networking Apps That Will Make You Much Healthier

Because health can also happen in a group, get these iPhone applications to join or make friends during a workout or diet.

    32. Training Camp: Use this app to join the Nike group and train like an athlete. Simply create a program online, including an avatar, and use your iPhone to begin. You can customize workouts, invite others, and even connect with other athletes with similar goals.

    33. SparkPeople Application: This leading health and fitness site offers a food and diet tracker. It can also record workouts with a fitness tracker. Other useful features include meal plans and water intake recorder.

    34. Loopt: Think you saw one of your buddies jog by? Then check your iPhone and Loopt to see if their location matches yours. Ideal for looking for workout friends at the gym, on the town, or even on Twitter.

iPhone Apps That Will Make You Mentally Healthier

Don’t ignore the mind. Use the iPhone applications for relaxation and a healthier attitude.

    35. Yoga Stretch: Get tons of poses, along with their benefits from this app. Beginning and more advanced poses are included. Praised among many sources, it sells for $1.99.

    36. Meditation Timer: Just scroll down the page to get this iPhone helper with meditation. It has different color schemes to help, the option to pre-schedule mediations, and more. It even gives you statistics when you’re all done.

    37. Koi Pond: Get a virtual Japanese water garden on your iPhone with this app. It simulates both the site and sounds of a Koi pond. You can also interact with the pond by doing various gestures with your iPhone.

    38. White Noise: Get help for relaxing at night with this iPhone sleep aid. It provides ambient sounds of the environment to help you relax or sleep. Includes high quality looping noises such as waves crashing on a beach, crickets chirping at night, and the soothing sound of rain fall.

iPhone Apps That Will Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight is a difficult goal, but it can be a little easier with the help of these iPhone applications.

    39. Weightbot: Use this app to set your goal weight, record at any interval, view BMI, and see your progress on a graph. It also has tools for analysis and trends. You can also export data or password protect it.

    40. Lose It!: Keep track of how many calories you take in and burn off at once with this app. The library also tells you about a food’s carb, fiber, fat, and protein values. Best of all, it is available for free.

    41. Health Cubby: Keep track of the things you should and shouldn’t be doing with the help of this app. It stores and manages meals, weight, measurements, and even vices. You can also connect with friends online for support.

    42. Weight Loss Now: Max is a clinical hypnotherapist and takes a different approach to weight loss. Audio and video are used to help you get started, maintain your weight loss, and even boost it. Cards and an eBook are also included.

    43. Body Values: Go beyond just your weight and get BMI, blood pressure, and pulse with this iPhone app. It sells for $2.99 and allows you to store multiple daily readings, get a graph, and more.

iPhone Apps That Will Make Your Brain Much Healthier

Anyone with some down time or a need to charge the neurons will enjoy these iPhone applications, games and more.

    44. Brain Exercise: Dr. Kawashima at the Tokohu University in Japan developed this leading game for all sorts of platforms, including the iPhone. It gives you a selection of puzzles designed to test and stimulate the performance of your brain. You can even preview the game on the site before you download it.

    45. Mind Dojo: These tests stand out for their ability to test your reflexes and mind. The program can also get your math and memory skills going. There are also graphs to track your progress and the option to compete online with 150,000 other users.

    46. Trism: Reviewed and raved by sites such as MSNBC, Business Week, and Wired, for $2.99, you can see what all the fuss is about. The game challenges you to match triangles, or trisms, by sliding others. Many versions are available and it even works when you tilt your phone.

    47. Cup O’ Joe: Need a little help getting going in the morning? Then download this iPhone app just for you with simple math problems, memory games, reaction time, and much more. A music version is also available.

    48. Topple 2: Don’t let the cartoon imagery fool you, this game mixes both Tetris and Jenga into one. You can also challenge friends online and play head to head games. New features include games modes such as upside-down, balancer, power tower, and rescue.

    49. Sudoku Unlimited: If you haven’t tried this addictive puzzle, now is the time. Regular players will enjoy the four different skins for diversity and features such as a hint system and automatic notes. Only $0.99, you can spend hours increasing your brain power.

    50. Tetris: An oldie, but a goodie, turn your iPhone into your beloved old Gameboy by downloading this game. It gives you 15 challenging levels and two different modes including Marathon and Magic. Features include drag, flick, and poke.

Now that you have seen all these 50 iPhone apps that will make you much healthier, be sure to check with your physician before beginning any diet or fitness regimen.