A little over 12 years ago after I published my very first natural health report, it became clear to me that my mission of delivering hope and healing couldn’t be “done” through only a handful of industry-shaking reports.

It had to be an ongoing project… a monthly natural health newsletter that was unlike anything ever published.

I knew I was going to tick some people off… namely the folks over at Big Pharma and the Mainstream Medicine Show…

But I didn’t care.

hctw-magsIt took me 5 more years of research and putting together the most well-heeled experts in their fields but I finally did it in 2009 when Home Cures That Work was born.

One of those experts is Chery Ravey.  She’s our Chief Health Editor and her story is truly touching.

You see, when Cheryl was just a little girl, her mother got sick.

And of course, she went to the doctor…

But rather than soothe and heal Cheryl’s mom, he aggravated and medicated her.

With her life-long dependency on dangerous drugs—Chery’s mom barely lives today.

You can read her heart-breaking full story here.

Cheryl could have chosen to give up and just accept defeat.

But instead she chose God.  And Cheryl decided that the best way to represent her mother (and beat the mostly careless mainstream medical community) was to work hard.

Cheryl devoted her time and her life (as I have mine) to discovering natural medicines that are so powerful Big Pharma has tried to steal and patent some of them.

Today, Cheryl and I want you to have a FREE report that she put together with our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Scott Saunders, M.D.

It’s called 7 Amazingly Simple, Fast-Acting Health Breakthroughs Most Doctors Won’t Tell You About.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll find in this exclusive report:

  • The fermented drink that tastes delicious and actually kills the “S-Mutans” in your mouth that cause bad breath…
  • 5 NEW uses for potatoes that have nothing to do with salad or a side dish of any kind…
  • 3 extreme natural remedies that absolutely DON’T work…
  • Woody Harrelson’s remedy for heartburn (seems counterintuitive) …
  • Cheryl’s tear-jerker story about the dangers of Big Pharma drugs…

I found this report extremely useful—and I know you will too.

And just so you know, Dr. Saunders has proven these remedies too… he uses them in his integrative health practice and with his own family.

Enjoy this FREE report, 7 Amazingly Simple Fast-Acting Health Breakthroughs Most Doctors Won’t Tell You About from me to you.  It may be all you need to look great, feel energized, and enjoy your life without the harmful effects of prescription medicine and the threat of debilitating diseases.

P.S. 7 Amazingly Simple Fast-Acting Health Breakthroughs Most Doctors Won’t Tell You About may sell for as much as $9.95 in the future… but for now, you can check it out for FREE!  Don’t miss this special Barton Publishing exclusive written by Dr. Scott Saunders and our chief health editor Cheryl Ravey.  You’ll discover how to get nearly everything you need to transform your health and your life… from how you look to how great you’ll feel.  Get it now and you’ll also get a link to another special research report from Dr. Saunders —his personal A-Z Remedy Library —FREE!