Could Your Acid Reflux Really Be Too Little Stomach Acid?

Acid Reflux Digested Fully Here.

Think about it. The human body has about 30 feet of digestive tract and if your meal isn’t properly broken down, dissolved and digested in your stomach, it has a long away to go and all week to get there.

What happens is, as we get older we develop certain deficiencies. Your body is a symphony of cellular processes, which depend on specific “provisions.” If a single trace mineral, or group of vitamins or amino acids, has been missing from your diet for a long time, there will be deficiencies, such as acid reflux, heartburn or GERD.

Acid reflux symptoms confuse a lot of folks because it “feels” like there is too much acid. But, how could that be?

Usually, as we age, don’t we generally have less of a given attribute, or quality, rather than too much?

Less, circulation, less vision and less hair, etc., the list goes on.

Big drug companies have been playing us for decades and now it’s time the truth came out about acid reflux.

If you had too much stomach acid you could eat anything. Hydrochloric acid will eat nails if given time. I don’t think one of Mama Nature’s most powerful caustic acids is going to have trouble dissolving your pizza and wings, now do you?

But, if you haven’t been getting all your 92 trace minerals, the 20 key amino acids and all the rest of your needed cofactors and vitamin groups, it only lends that your body will have less to run on and ultimately produce less of everything it needs, creating what we know as acid reflux, heartburn or GERD.

Acid reflux is caused from too little acid, not too much stomach acid.

Then to compound the problem of cellular malnutrition, without ample stomach acid, your body can’t get the nutrition out of your food that you do eat.

Acid reflux is rancid chemicals and other metabolic acids produced from all that undigested food mixed up and rotting in your belly. Truth is rather than having a sufficient supply of stomach acid, your liver and pancreas will “surge” out enzymes, hormones, bile and hydrochloric acid in a mad attempt to help. But, this is sporadic and not nearly sufficient to get your digestive tract moving properly.

Imagine all the food you eat sitting there in an undigested heap, churning inside thirty feet of stuffed intestine then suddenly a last effort “squirt” of stomach acid hits the pile. Naturally, you’re going to feel like there is too much if it splashes upward to your throat. But, that’s because it’s not enough! Plus, it’s now on top of a full stomach.

Acid will reflux into your esophagus and along with the rancid fats and partially digested food juices. Well, you get the picture, right?

Now, imagine throwing an antacid liquid medicine or antacid pill in the mix. You just neutralized the only hope of digesting your food down the tube.

It’s no wonder why Americans have so many digestive disorders, like heartburn, acid reflux and GastroEsophageal Reflux Disorder (GERD), I.B.S., Leaky gut Syndrome, Crohn’s disease and the rest of it all.

Plus, without adequate digestive power undesirable bacteria survive, along with parasites and viruses, which normally are destroyed by stomach acid.

Your sick feeling and ill health is an acid reflux symptom, but it is NOT caused by something you need to eliminate. It is caused by something essential you are lacking.

Yes, eating right with a healthy lifestyle and an impeccable attitude will yield superior health. But, first you need to get a digestive tune-up and discover the amazing natural cure for acid reflux, heartburn and GERDs disease. I’ve searched the world over for a guaranteed remedy for you and here it is.