Nexium (Esomeprazole magnesium) is advertised as the little purple pill that lowers your body’s stomach acid to treat heartburn or GERD (aka acid reflux).

Drugs are generally designed only for short term use, so if acid reflux is curable with purely natural cures, why are so many people only treating it with dangerous drugs? 

I can understand that if your throat has been damaged by recurring acid reflux and indigestion that it may be necessary to chemically block stomach acid to allow your throat to heal.

But, seriously, chemically blocking vital digestive fluids is not going to cure your acid reflux. Common sense just isn’t so common anymore, is it? I mean, if you really go into it, you may discover that digestive fluids are essential to your health and needed to break down food into molecular sized nutrients to be absorbed by your body.

Now picture having just eaten a meal or snack and feeling tired, which happens to everyone once in a while, especially after a large meal or a sugary meal. Now picture yourself lying down. Maybe you can even picture yourself lying down while you’re eating. The problem is most people that eat sugary foods, do so and eat lying down also habitually over-eat, which leads to difficulty digesting food and experiencing heartburn.

This creates an unhealthy cycle that can lead to indigestion, bloating and acid reflux. Usually, this state of indigestion takes years to develop, years of poor eating and lifestyle habits.

The fact of the matter is that Over-The-Counter and prescription antacid products, such as Nexium tablets, are a booming business. Not because the cure acid reflux, but rather because they don’t.

Unfortunately, there are enough people who respond to corporate advertising campaigns who don’t want to change their lifestyle habits or choose a natural cure for their heartburn. They just want a “quick-fix.”

We are all driven to believe in an instant gratification world, a “Get all the gusto while you can get” mentality. Corporations make billions off this attitude.

Fact is adults typically suffer from acid reflux as they get on in years because the body produces less digestive fluids than it used to. What happens is in a desperate attempt to digest a surplus of protein, or sugary foods, your body will spontaneously trigger a surge of digestive acids. These inadequate sporadic spikes of hydrochloric acid rise to the top of the pile of undigested food sitting in your stomach. Laying down causes it to percolate into the throat area creating very uncomfortable and painful indigestion, as well as heartburn or acid reflux.

It’s not hard to imagine when it’s put in the correct perspective, is it? Get the Natural Cure Perspective for Acid Reflux Here.

Now I do realize there are exceptions to everything, but “most people” popping OTC antacids, like Nexium medication, are really suffering from inadequate acid production, not too much of it.

Frankly, Americans suffer from a whole barrage of health problems medically known as “diseases of the affluent.”

Antacid companies aren’t getting ridiculously rich from people who eat smaller portions, are active and enjoy cholesterol reducing foods. On the contrary, in fact it’s so bad now-a-days that the FDA just recently approved Nexium for children. That’s a wakeup call for all of us adults right there.

You already know kids imitate their parents. So, what’s this all mean to you?

Keep in mind 50 years ago it was unheard of for kids to get Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) or type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Now a whole plethora of degenerative disease is becoming epidemic in kids, as well as adults.

Could it have anything to do with our affluent lifestyles? The truth is special interest groups, government entities and misguided scientists have led Americans down a deadly path. It’s time we acknowledge the relationship between our eating habits and the risk of causing degenerative disease. It’s time we all challenge the medical dietary dogma and move to make a healthy change ourselves.

There are ancient “non-pharmaceutical” remedies and for at least 97% of health problems that we see these days. All of these natural cures are affordable and rarely have any negative side effects, only side-benefits.

All the information I have made available to you is for educational purposes only. There is no magical pink, yellow or purple pill (Nexium). I cannot treat you and your doctor and pharmacist cannot cure you of indigestion or GERD. There are many ways to support your body’s own natural healing process, but it needs your help by taking genuine care to educate your mind about acid reflux and heartburn before you medicate your body.

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