acid reflux remedyAcid reflux runs rampant through modern society because people have lost touch with the earth and sea. Your body is literally made from the dust of the earth and the salt of the seas roars through your veins, as various minerals nutrition.

Mankind must stay connected to the source of his physical body in order to ensure strong bones, healthy organs and a vigorous and effective metabolism.

Acid reflux symptoms are a sign of distress signifying you have strayed from the source of your strength and vigor. Click Here for Instant Access to a Natural Acid Reflux Treatment.

Our ancestors honored their connection to the earth and sea because to them it was obvious where the source of vitality rested. Today, we have literally “denatured” our bodies by eating unnatural items and materials we believe are food, but lacking the minerals nutrition we need.

Somehow, over many hundreds of years mankind has slowly drifted away from his sense of connection to earth, sea and sky.

Those connections, albeit they are “invisible” are still there. New science is reawakening our sense of interconnectedness once again.

Rediscover the healing power of food as medicine.

Our bodies cannot survive long without minerals. These minerals form the earth and seas are literally the “salt of life.” Without these essential “cellular salts” your heart cannot beat, your cells have no electrical pulse and your digestive system, along with all your metabolisms – simply shuts down.

Acid reflux is a result of a mineral deficiency, as is most all dis-ease. Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize laureate believed this passionately.

Here is a list of foods rich with minerals that should be part of a reflux diet, which promote metabolic balance and will help with your acid reflux symptoms:

  • Green leafy vegetables . . . calcium
  • Nuts . . . magnesium, phosphorous and boron
  • Legumes . . . iron, selenium and molybdenum
  • Sea vegetables . . . iodine, sodium
  • Wheat germ . . . zinc
  • Sprouted whole grains . . . copper, chromium
  • Fruits . . . manganese, potassium

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Our bodies mine these minerals nutrition and treasures from the earth and sea through the super healing “plant foods.” All your enzymes, vitamins and minerals needed to metabolize your foods for digestion and nutrition, they come from your food.

The cause of your acid reflux is due to the “denatured” foods you eat. Acid reflux is NOT a drug deficiency; it’s a living food deficiency.

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