By Dr. Scott Saunders, M.D.

Lacy has had diabetes since she was a young child. When she was in high school, some “friends” gave her heroin to have access to her abundant supply of needles. As a result, she floundered for years in the world of drugs.

  • She sold her father’s car for drugs.
  • She stole everything she could.
  • She sold her body.

connection solution to addictionLacy has been ravished by her drug addiction. Her father, a retired investment banker, was desperate to help his daughter. He spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on multiple addiction rehab programs to help her recover, but nothing worked. Finally, because of the global financial crisis, her father ran out of money and told Lacy she was on her own. She was intelligent and able, so she got a job, met a young man, and got married. She stopped using drugs, and now even keeps her blood sugar normal!

A recent Huffpost article puts previous addition theories to rest.[1] Addiction study experiments from the 1970s included a single caged rat that could choose cocaine or other drugs. However, newly designed rat experiments reveal fresh insights into addictive behavior. This new research changed the environment. They put rats in cages with companions, underscoring the importance of social connection.

When rats had other rats to play with, they did not choose drugs. Moreover, when placed in a stimulating environment with other rats and offered various activities, the addicted rats stopped using drugs. But isolation brought back addictive behavior. When alone and unhappy, then drugs became addictive.

The lesson we learn is that perhaps companionship, or a connection with others, is the solution to addiction. Click to Tweet.

Because we live in abundant times, everyone deals with some kind of addiction. Sugar, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, sex, hoarding, and so many other obsessions are rampant in our society of excess. I daily counsel people on their addictions to food, which causes the majority of all diseases. Many admit they are trying to fill an emotional hole with food, in turn causing obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other problems. I often see people trade one addiction for another, such as those who quit smoking start eating too much.

Addiction recovery programs are everywhere. But the only successful ones include groups and sponsors – people who have been there and are always available for counsel.

It seems we need love more than the substances we are addicted to. Click to Tweet.

This is something to consider when you’re trying to deal with your own addiction. Whatever it may be – you can trade your substance for a connection with others.

Maybe we’re all really just addicted to love – but what a better way to go!

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