October’s Home Cures That Work Topic is Gluten

If you have been suffering from a constant string of illnesses or always out of energy, the answer might be in your breadbox.  Following your “gut” may actually be your answer to recovery and wellbeing.

Gluten sensitivity often goes undiagnosed or overlooked, but today’s attention to damaging your gut wall by consuming dangerous grains has given people hope again for a full life again.

Below are some article excerpts of October’s edition of Home Cures That Work on Gluten-Free Living.

Gluten Intolerance: Going Against the Grain

Today, Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity are very common because gluten is found in most of the ready made and prepackaged foods that most eat on a regular basis.  Removing gluten from your diet can be a difficult task because our society is conditioned to consuming pre-made, packaged and “to go” foods.  The first step in beginning a gluten free diet is to be aware of the foods that contain gluten.

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The “Home Cure” for Celiac Disease

While the gluten-free diet can keep the problem in check, what you really want is a cure for the reaction so you can eat “normal” food again. If you digest this protein in the stomach, it won’t go into the intestines and cause a reaction.

So, the cure for the problem is to fix the stomach where the initial breakdown of gluten is supposed to occur.  The following list is a guide; you may employ some or all of these to improve the function of your stomach…

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Are You A Glutton For Gluten?

Gluten is almost 80% protein. But, as you’ll see, not all proteins are created equal.  Gluten may “enrich” many foods with protein; wheat gluten is also used for binding and texturizing purposes in many different foods. When we break it down, we find gluten is made of two main proteins. The smaller gluten protein, gliadin, is a trigger of many health problems.

These molecules breakdown even further inside your body and create “opium-like proteins” called “gluteomorophins,” which can enter your brain and cause all kinds of havoc. Gluten, containing glutamate crosses the blood-brain barrier irritating and damaging brain cells as an “excitotoxin.”

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Gluten-Free: Discerning between Craze and Cure

Natural health is not immune to fads. Perhaps it was only a matter of time; lots of money is to be made in the health care industry. Companies hire “experts” to tell them what the trends are for grocery shoppers and, for example, things like the gluten-free market become all the buzz. To put it more plainly, gluten-free products are a cure for some, but many others appear to be going gluten-free just for the fun of it.

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Even if you are a bread, starch and pasta lover, it might be time to mix up a batch of gluten-free products.  There are plenty of options to choose from.  Let Home Cures That Work help you find your way through gluten-free living.

P.S. Tolerance is accepted in the mainstream of society today.  However, gluten intolerance is deadly.  Read Grandma’s Cure Corner testimony of wasting away before being diagnosed with Celiac disease.  The dramatic transformation is told here: