This is the final segment of a 3 part series of how you can help your body defeat diabetes type 1, 2 and 3. I know it may seem unbelievable, but I assure you, the only thing that is unbelievable is how long conventional medicine has been telling you there is no cure.

The business of programming people to become insulin dependent is one of the most profitable pharmaceutical scams of our age.

Did you know that insulin is a corrosive inflammatory agent that destroys arteries, veins and nerve cells? If more people knew that insulin (especially artificially manufactured insulin) is deadly stuff, then they would be quicker to give the natural anti-diabetes approach an honest effort.

Your Diabetes Can Be Prevented, Stopped or Reversed

The ticket is to address the “whole person” and not just treat isolated symptoms. There are several real doctors that are helping people cure diabetes and even reversing nerve and circulatory damage from the insulin.

One of my favorite MDs is Gabriel Cousins. He has founded a Living Tree Ranch here in Arizona for type 1, 2 or 3 diabetics.

It’s simple; you’re a self-healing information system far more advanced than all the smartest computers in the world combined. With what we now know about the workings of the cell, anything is possible.

For too long, conventional medicine have discouraged people from discovering their own magnificent miraculous healing powers. You’re an intelligently designed, self regenerating, reproducing and revitalizing liquid crystalline constellation of energetic information systems all wrapped into a dynamic living organism.

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Why Take Insulin When You Can Still Make It, Naturally?

Big Pharma had its chance and they blew it! The gig is up!

Soon everyone else will know treating the symptoms of diabetes wasn’t saving lives. It was wasting them.

Now evidence-based science has revealed the same healing power your body uses to prevent diabetes is the same power that heals it.

If you’re tired of being led down the diabetic path, if you’re sick of being told what to believe and you want to prove the world isn’t a meaningless act of random chance, then the 30 Day Diabetes Cure report is a must read for you.

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In other words, you’re NOT a random bundle of chemical reactions.

Gabriel Cousins is one of an army of physicians, researchers and health practitioners that are helping to heal diabetes within a few weeks, some take months. Regardless, the results are stellar and undeniable.

Naturally, mainstream medicine doesn’t want to lose their market.

Every time Big Pharma researchers discover a natural cure like Banaba leaf, cinnamon or alkaline water, they keep it off the market until they can make an artificial version.

They can’t file an application for a patent if the cure is a natural one. That’s their whole problem. You have a right to know, even if it causes the drug companies to lose money. Who cares?

Fact: Most U.S. seniors are spending 40% of their retirement money on drugs and other conventional medical products. We know insurance usually won’t even reimburse you for using complementary medicine . . . So, what’s with that?

The Anti-Diabetes Protocol

A successful protocol must address and eliminate the root cause of diabetes and its complications.

Keep in mind everyone is unique and results vary as much as protocols do. Here’s a simple 3 point protocol:

1.     The first goal is to eliminate toxic build-up and inflammation. The key to rapid recovery is to supply your body with targeted nutrients, while removing toxins.

2.     Fasting with a good source of sprouted, raw, living greens helps do this quickly.

3.     Natural “food support” supplements should include, herbs, minerals, beet sourced vitamin C, full spectrum enzymes, alpha lipoic acid, phosphotidyl choline, EDTA, Redmond clay or liquid zeolyte to help remove toxic heavy metals and nurture cell membrane health.

This protocol is nearly identical to Dr. Gabriel Cousins “Tree of Life-21 Day Program.” The products you select may vary, but the principle is the same.

You are essentially turning on your anti-diabetic genes and turning off the diabetes-producing genes.

P.S. Diabetes is a complex metabolic insulin imbalance triggered from the Standard American Diet (SAD) and poor lifestyle habits that cause death. “Mild exercise and eating plenty of living plant-sourced foods is the secret of a long healthy life.”

P.P.S. Only you are the real authority when it comes to your own best interest . . . You were born to heal.