As long as you are in pain, you can’t even think clearly, so naturally millions of people reach for the fastest arthritis pain relief and think about the side effects later. 

You and I understand this, and so do the marketing and advertising executives of Big Pharma. Believing the drug commercials you see on TV is easy to do. These commercials skillfully paint a painless world, free of disease and suffering… The pictures are perfect, the music is emotional, and the message is promising.

The bottom-line is they are merely selling the illusion of wellness, not the reality. Hey, I am all for a natural pain reliever that works with the body to promote wellness, provide pain relief, reduce inflammation and encourage speed recovery – but that is surely not what Big Pharma is offering you.

Arthritis pain and inflammation is NOT a drug deficiency!

Most arthritis drugs like, Enbrel, Remicade, Humira and Cimzia, chemically block the immune system to stop it from attacking the joints and cartilage tissue. Yes, these drugs treat rheumatoid arthritis by providing relief from painful, swollen and weakening joints.

In exchange, these same drugs have to interfere with your body’s natural defense system exposing your body to possible infections, like Darling’s Disease.

Darling’s Disease, also known by its more scientific name Histoplasma capsulatum, is usually only common among people with compromised immune systems, such as AIDs patients. The FDA has received over 240 reports of patients on these four arthritis drugs that have developed histoplasmosis. Of those 240 people, 45 died. 

Recently, the FDA has ordered stronger warnings on all four medications. The new FDA enforced labels are an attempt to inform users that using these drugs raise the risk of a possible “fatal fungal infection.”

So, yeah, the promise of relief from arthritis pain and inflammation is there, but the change they cause may give you a fatal lung infection… or worse.

One thing is for sure, besides the risks of using these arthritis drugs simply as a pain reliever, once they wear off, the pain and swelling come rushing back. 

The sad truth about pharmaceutical arthritis treatments, while offering some mild pain relief, is that they keep you oblivious to the fact that your arthritis is actually getting worse! 

Personally, I have seen enough smoke and mirror stunts to last me the rest of my life. The good news is I am not alone. People everywhere feel disillusioned too, which means we are waking up. 

People, like you, are awakening to the fact that the cost of being asleep is much too high. The simple childish promise of change is not enough anymore. Illusions cannot satisfy our hearts and minds any longer. We want real results, not just the promise of them someday.

“In health there is freedom. Health is the first of all liberties.” ~ Henri Frederic Amiel

Everyone agrees that whatever freedoms we possess we have historically had to fight for. If you or someone you love is suffering from the scourge of arthritis pain and inflammation, then you know that there is no freedom without health. 

So why depend on temporary pain relievers when there are time-tested proven natural cures that guarantee relief against repeat pain, inflammation and suffering???

The key is to get behind the cause of the arthritis pain and provide your body with the missing tools it needs to defend against it.

Lifestyle factors, injuries, and diet all have an impact on your individual situation. You cannot go backward and change what is past, but you can promote your natural healing processes here and now. 

There are several breakthrough scientific studies that support non-pharmaceutical solutions. Use the link below for instant online access: 

Billions of dollars of arthritis drugs are peddled to unsuspecting people in record numbers every year… Don’t let yourself become a statistic – Knowledge is power. 

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