I’d like to introduce you to what I believe is the best kept secret to freeing yourself of back pain for good.

So many people suffer with reoccurring back pain because common treatments only address the symptoms and not the true cause. When you just treat symptoms, back pain never really goes away.

Long-lasting back pain relief comes only when you look at the cause.

The Lose The Back Pain system is your personalized guide to understanding what’s causing your back, hip, or neck pain. And after it helps you discover the cause, this system shows you how to correct the problem and “lose” the spinal pain!

It’s the ONLY Self Diagnosis and Self Treatment System that addresses BOTH the cause and the symptoms!
Ever wonder why so many people can’t seem to find lasting relief?

There are hidden causes of back pain that most people don’t know about. Now Jesse Cannone, creator of Muscle Balance Therapy, wants to change that.

Muscle imbalances play a significant role in most spinal pain. One side of your body may be stronger than the other. Some muscles may be more flexible and still others may be tight and shortened from overuse.

These muscle imbalances stress your joints, ligaments, and surrounding muscles, causing spinal pain. Muscle Balance Therapy strives to balance your muscles so muscle tension returns to normal. When your left and right sides, and front to back of your body’s muscles are balanced, your spine can be evenly
supported. Posture improves, vertebrae slide back into place, releasing pressure from pinched nerves and muscles. Your back pain vanishes!

The Lose The Back Pain system helps you identify your muscle imbalances through several simple self-assessments. Once you’ve located your imbalances, the system teaches you how to use Muscle Balance Therapy to re-balance, stretch, and strengthen your problem areas.

The system simply brings your body back into proper alignment and helps reverse the process that created the back pain in the first place.

Imagine having Jesse and Steve guide you step-by-step through the simple assessments on the first DVD, then the stretches and the exercises on the second. You know you’re doing them correctly as you watch them demonstrate, right in the privacy of your home.

Even if you’re suffering from sciatica or a herniated disc, you’ll find conditions like those included on the DVDs and in the Self-Assessment Workbook.

The system includes: 2 DVDs, 3 audio CDs, a reference manual, and personal workbook for you to create your custom treatment plan.

And here’s the best part – and this really sets these guys apart from the rest. You are welcome to call or email them with your questions about your specific situation! Personal support can make all the difference when you’re dealing with back pain.

If you’re still suffering with back, hip, or neck pain, you owe it to yourself to learn more about the Lose The Back Pain System. Check it out today!