I’d like to introduce you to Dr. Myles Dixon!

Myles is a friend of mine, and a Doctor of Chiropractic, practicing in South Dakota.

Over the past few months, Myles and I have gotten to be pretty good friends. We go to the same church, each have young children, and both promote natural health. We’ve been having lunch together every week – and we always order the same thing: Chicken Caesar Salad!

Did you know that back pain is the #1 reason people stay home from work, and the #2 reason people go to the doctor?

Within the next five weeks, Myles & I are going to be releasing a brand new ebook about how to eliminate back pain naturally, which will cover the following topics:

  • What causes back pain and back problems?
  • Home remedies for back pain
  • When (if ever) is back surgery necessary?
  • How to choose a chiropractor or a doctor
  • Back pain and arthritis
  • The myth of slipped discs
  • Spinal curves
  • Subluxation
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Choosing the right bed to sleep in
  • Home exercises and stretching
  • Vitamins and supplements to help relieve back pain
  • The role of water and a healthy back
  • How to improve your posture
  • Back tips for people who work at a computer
  • and much more!

Here is a short article Dr. Dixon wrote specially for you, my blog readers:

If you suffer from back pain, I want to let you know that I empathize with you. I had a back injury in 1999 and have dealt with back pain myself for several years.

The advice I have for you is not only from my 10 years of experience as a doctor of chiropractic, but also from my own personal experience with back pain.

I wanted to give you some easy tips to help relieve your back pain fast. 

One of the most simple things to do, and please don’t miss this because of its simplicity, is to take time to relax and rest.

What I mean by relax, is to take a few moments to sit or lie in a supportive position (a firm upright chair or lying on your back with a pillow under your knees) and consciously release the tension from your muscles. Begin by relaxing your Jaw then your neck, now your shoulders, until you have worked your way down your body to your feet.

You should focus on your breathing while relaxing your muscles. Take several slow, deep breaths using your belly (diaphragm). This will supercharge your relaxation and get fresh oxygen to every cell of your body. A nice side benefit that you will receive is a nice smooth burst of energy and renewed focus.  

Another basic tip for relieving your back pain is to try ice or warm MOIST heat. You should always try ice first to the area of your spine that hurts. Putting ice on will not cause any problems, but putting heat on an already inflamed (warm/swollen) area will make the inflammation worse, and inflammation is what causes pain. So ice first (15-20 minutes), if it’s of no help, then try warm moist heat (15 minutes) immediately following the ice.

Alternating cold and heat will really help improve the blood circulation to the sore area. If you get the most relief from the moist heat, then continue using it just on the muscle area of your back. Moist heat will penetrate deeper then dry heat and usually fells better. But remember when in doubt, use ice/cold, especially for new injuries and pain that just started. 

Here is something else to consider when caring for your spine. Avoid poor posture, as this is a much greater stress to the back then most people realize.

Focus on sitting and standing in a tall upright position. Avoid forward head posture and rounded shoulders as this places unnecessary stress to the muscle, joints and discs of the spine and shoulders.

Yes it takes practice and you will catch yourself slouching or rounding your shoulders, but when this happens, pull your shoulders and head back and before long it will begin to feel natural. Also getting up and moving periodically (every 30-45 minutes) will help reduce the stress and get the blood flowing.

Remember life is motion, keep moving to stay healthy. These tips have helped me and my patients; I hope they help you as well. 

Dr. Myles Dixon

I will keep you updated on the release of our new ebook on back pain as the release date nears. Right now we’re looking at February 14th, 2008.

In the mean time, we would really like to get YOUR input! We want this ebook to be the best, simplest, most helpful book written on back pain… but we can’t do it without your help!

Do you or someone you love suffer from back pain? What are your biggest problem areas and questions regarding back pain and back problems?

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