by Dr. Scott Saunders

Type 2 diabetes is he fastest growing illness in the world by far. If we do not stem the tide of obesity, then we are looking at half of the population of the United States with diabetes or pre-diabetes by the year 2020. Enter a huge controversy.

On June 29, CrossFit tweeted a quote from their CEO, Greg Glassman, “Make sure you pour some out for your dead homies.” alongside a picture of Coca-Cola’s trademark bottle with the caption “open diabetes.” [1]

Crossfit Tweet CEO Coke diabetesThis created a firestorm of controversy about the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Many people were angry that Mr. Glassman would blame people who had type 1 diabetes, that doesn’t come from eating too much sugar, with type 2 diabetes. This is the unfortunate result of giving the same name to two different illnesses.

Statistically speaking, type 2 diabetes dwarfs type 1. There are about 30 million Americans with diabetes, but type 1 accounts for only 1 million.[2] Moreover, type 2 diabetes is rapidly growing in numbers, while type 1 diabetes numbers are the same.[3]

There are two issues with Mr. Glassman’s comment:

  1. Type 1 diabetics do not bring on their illness by drinking Coke.
  2. Type 2 diabetics can bring on their illness by drinking Coke. But does it help to use shame or blame?

At Barton Publishing we don’t need to blame, rather we empower with information. Our Diabetes Reversal Talk along with our Diabetes Solution Kit gives information that will empower people with diabetes to actually reverse the illness.

Using shame and blame does not change behavior, but knowledge is power that will change you. When people know what they are dealing with, and know how to fix the problem they find it easy.

We have thousands of testimonials coming in every day from people who used to have diabetes. Here is one testimonial we received just the weekend.

Diabetes Solution Kit“I lowered my glucose numbers from 210 to 100 in a 6 week period. Although I was not overweight, I lose about 10 pounds. I am no longer on medication and feel really great. Thank you for your research and program to help people like me win the battle by reversing diabetes.” ~Anonymous

Success at overcoming diabetes starts with education, but ends with a program. Our program outlines a simple and effective way to reverse the trend of diabetes in America. This is so much more effective than playing the blame game.

Start your Diabetes Reversal Program TODAY!

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