This special cancer report is an important breakthrough document and written so even a 6th grade student can read it and understand cancer treatment. This report reveals the untold connection between cancer symptoms, what you eat and the ROOT CAUSE of cancer.

Cancer is the final stage of a gradual process that can be reversed.

In fact, the same home remedies that prevent cancer also cure cancer.

Your body makes cancer cells routinely and then your immune system quietly sweeps them away. Now with new technology, hospitals are detecting cancers and cancer symptoms earlier and often jumping the gun — and scaring people into unnecessary and harmful cancer treatment regimes.

Discover how to support your body’s cancer sweeping process with natural remedies. New science has proven the cure for cancer is found by activating your body’s natural anti-cancer function.

The cure for cancer was always right in front of our faces. It was a classic situation of not seeing the forest for the trees kind of thing.

Cutting edge researchers like author Bill Henderson have seen the folly of solely treating cancer symptoms. Bill has invested his life searching and cataloging the ROOT CAUSE of all cancers.

More than 3,000 people who have read, “Your Guide To Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing” (2nd Edition) are cancer FREE today.

You have to ask yourself why the majority of people believe cancer treatment is a terminal diagnosis? The first question most people have for a cancer patient is, “How long did the doctor say you have left?”

This is a self-defeating and pathetic attitude that is truly based on prejudice and ignorance of what cancer is.

The good news is: the health and wellness of your body depends on your over all cell membrane health.

The healthier your cell membranes, the better communication networking all your cells enjoy and detecting cancer symptoms. Your body has an impeccable defense system that is designed to eliminate cancer with natural remedies.

Identifying cancer cells and eliminating them is a natural function.

People have been kept in the dark about the reality of cancer too long.

Obviously, Western medicines “war against cancer” was a total flop. Today, billions of dollars on cancer treatment, and millions of lives later, we stand upon the simple shores of realization…with a simple cancer cure.

It was inevitable the cancer remedy become public knowledge because “they” failed to address the ROOT CAUSE and were only treating cancer symptoms.

This special breakthrough is so simple and so cutting edge that you can “track” your progress from home with natural remedies.

This report even explains how to prepare a sample at home and send it to a real lab for no more than the cost of the $50 test.

This “non-toxic” cancer SOLUTION is so successful because it addresses the ROOT CAUSE of cancer from 6 different directions, attacking and obliterating your cancer cells like a military brigade.

The fact is most deaths that you hear are caused by cancer are actually caused by the cancer treatment. We now know this is a fact; that’s the only reason cancer has been winning.

But, not anymore, at least not for you and the thousands of people that will find this letter. Even if you don’t opt out of traditional cancer treatments this cancer SOLUTION will complement your best efforts.

We all stand on the shoulders of the giants and geniuses that have come before us. Bill Henderson has researched every source and cure, studied every type of cancer, cancer symptoms, and combined all the proven science and evidence based data…in this single amazing anti-cancer special report.

Bill has interviewed literally hundreds of cancer survivors, nurses, oncologists and experts of every kind to leave no stone unturned.

Truly there will soon be a day when the mystery of dis-ease will be no more. You will also read his story about his beloved wife’s untimely fate with traditional cancer treatments. You don’t have to get burned to learn.

Old school Westernized medicine is solely dedicated to cutting, drugging and burning out your cancer cells.

But, this need not be.

There is a cure and it comes with reputable 100% money back guarantee. Bill Henderson and I are on a mission together to get the good news out and we know you will help.

It’s by no mere chance you are reading this. You are meant to read this for some reason. In fact, you are reading this because you requested information on natural healing and natural remedies. You knocked and the door is now opening for you.

Even sharing this special information with someone you care about will change your life!  IT’S THAT POWERFUL!

I know once your life has been changed, you will be helping spread the good word along with us about this natural cancer treatment. More than anything, I want you to be our next testimonial. Whether it’s about your own story or someone you witnessed defeat cancer.  What could be more important?

All this gentle cancer SOLUTION requires is 6 to 8 short weeks. In fact, within a few days, at least 90% report feeling better. I know everyone is different and this cancer regime with home remedies will not cure everyone; but it will help cure most. The rest will feel better and experience an improved quality of life. I guarantee it.

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