Leading doctors are questioning Western medicine’s acceptance of the whole cholesterol theory all together. The new consensus is that Americans need to shift away from cholesterol-controlling medications that try to balance LDL and HDL to prevent heart disease.  Read the Report Here.

Dr. John Abramson, of Harvard Medical School published a report in the British journal Lancet stating statin drugs are ineffective for lowering cholesterol. Furthermore, Dr. Abramson questions if any of the cholesterol guidelines are even based on evidence-based studies. [Lancet 2007; 369:168-169]

People are being misinformed about cholesterol and its connection with heart disease. According to emerging medical evidence, there is absolutely no benefit for healthy people taking these dangerous statin drugs.

The whole idea of cholesterol being the causal factor of heart disease is misleading, to say the least.

More than 500,000 Americans die from a sudden-death heart event each year and have low-to-normal cholesterol.

In fact, blocking the natural production of cholesterol may actually increase your risk of developing cancers, as those in the digestive organs and peritoneum, genital and urinary organs, and lymphatic and blood tissues. [Science Daily, August 25, 2008]

Dr. Harumi Okuyama believes higher cholesterol levels are associated with lower cancer and all-cause mortality rates in the vast majority of people. [World Review of Nutrition and Dietetics Basel, Karger, 96: 1–17, 2007]

Cholesterol is not a validated indicator about your future health. The truth is cholesterol is an alcohol molecule that cells use to keep their cell walls water proof. Without this unique nutrient, cells cannot regulate their internal environments. 

Your brain depends on concentrated levels of cholesterol to protect normal nerve and cell functioning.

Insoluble cholesterol molecules are transported within tiny particles made of fats and proteins called lipoproteins. When necessary, the lipoproteins easily dissolve after transporting the water proof cholesterol held inside them.

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There are two primary kinds of lipoproteins that transport the cholesterol nutrients throughout your body: 

So-called “good cholesterol,” High-Density-Lipoprotein (HDL), transports cholesterol from peripheral tissues, like your arterial walls, to the liver. From your liver, cholesterol is excreted with bile or used to make important hormones.

So-called “bad cholesterol,” Low-Density-Lipoprotein (LDL), transports cholesterol in the opposite direction. You see, your liver actually makes about 2 grams of cholesterol each day, unless you eat enough of it, then it would make less.

So, LDL travels from your liver to your peripheral tissues and the walls of your veins and arteries. Whenever these cells need cholesterol, they send for LDL for nourishment.

Western medicine believes that if HDL is low and LDL is high, you are at risk for heart disease. Yet, here is a classic example of confusing cause and effect again. A risk factor is NOT the same as a cause of disease. There are many things that influence the HDL/LDL ratio.

FACT: Reduce your weight and you’ll also reduce your LDL and slightly increase your HDL. The question is whether the reduced Body Mass Index (BMI) is favorable to the HDL/LDL ratio?

Truth is a low BMI means you are likely to be over weight or have a high fat versus muscle ratio. Excess fat in the body is a sign a person may be insulin resistant and on the path to developing diabetic symptoms. It is well known that high blood sugar and high insulin levels are damaging to the entire cardio vascular system.

Damage to arteries (arthrosclerosis) happens years before a person becomes diabetic, even with NORMAL cholesterol ratios.

So, there are other health factors more important than cholesterol, such as blood sugar, metabolic hormones and triglycerides. The list goes on.

For example, a lack of exercise is known to create an “unfavorable” HDL/LDL ratio, but so does smoking, abnormal blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

The bottom line is while millions of people are being mislead into treating their cholesterol levels, there might be other vital risk factors that are being over looked.

If you do not have heart disease, why would you take any drug to prevent it? I know there are always medical exceptions, but chances are pretty good your not one of them. 

Health and wellness is more than lack of symptoms, it is a lifestyle choice that you have complete control over. You have control over whether you make the choice for health or choose to do what drug companies want you to do.

Let’s be realistic. All you need to do is discover how to take control of your health again and keep it. Why over-ride your body’s inner intelligence? Rather, learn to work with your body naturally, by learning proven health secrets and then putting them to practice. 

You have more going for you than you might have first thought.

Return to the natural path intended for you and reclaim the lifestyle you once enjoyed.

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