You have eczema. You go through gallons of skin lotions, moisturizers, skin products and anti-bacterial soaps, yet there’s no sign of improving. Every day it’s the same dry, cracking and itching skin problem.

Maybe you think eczema is just bad luck or some kind of broken gene. Perhaps, you’re even taking powerful medicated creams, steroidal or prescriptive pills, yet the results remain the same.

It’s as if no one knows what eczema really is, what causes it or if there’s a cure. All eczema is not equal.  There are several kinds of eczema based on where it’s located and how severe it is.

Sometimes eczema can become complicated from allergies or viral infections, even a result of vaccines.

Eczema Is Another Example Of Vaccine Induced Disease (VIDS)

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One thing is clear: if you know eczema is common in your family, then do NOT get any vaccines. Serious eczema and other skin rashes have been experienced by those vaccinated with the “live virus” vaccines, such as small pox.

There are a lot of medical treatments out there for eczema sufferers, yet nothing seems to cure it. In fact, prolonged use of many of these treatments, like corticosteroids, are suspected of triggering some “nasty side effects.”

One of the worst side effects is a thinning of the skin, called atrophy, making your skin very easily torn.

Using powerful steroid medication can also cause an unwanted effect that interferes with the “neuroendocrine system,” controlling many body functions, including digestion, mood, sexual drive, energy levels and your immune system.

Once your nervous system is affected by drugs, it leaves you open for infections from fungal or bacterial sources. So, obviously, you want to avoid making your eczema worse by adding drug or vaccine reactions to the mix.

Toxins Interfere With Healing

If you use corticosteroids, use them sparingly and only on the infected area. Stop usage as soon as you notice improvement and then follow up with whole food based natural emollients.

It’s important that you use skin lotions that are additive-free and chemical-free. Make sure to avoid foaming agents like sodium lauryl sulfate, alcohol and propylene glycol, to name a few.

Eliminating exposure to toxins in your food, environment and personal skin products is the first step to curing your eczema.

Even the best cure can’t work if your body is exposed to poisonous toxins.

Your skin is your largest organ and if your skin isn’t healthy, it’s because your immune system is trying to push out toxic waste through your skin cells.

So, if your remedy of choice is less than natural, think twiceabout using it very long – or at all.

There is an old saying, “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.”

P.S. Propylene glycol found in many skin products is used in anti-freeze, brake fluid and hydraulic fluid. It is a skin irritant and can damage your liver. Learn what poisons to avoid first and the cure for eczema will reveal itself naturally.