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The little pesky yellow weed in your yard could safe your life.

Dandelions – the dreaded flowering weed – have shown promise as a non-toxic cancer therapy.

The scientific and medical world has researched the therapeutic effects of dandelions on luekemia, breast cancer, prostate cancer and even other forms of drug-resistant cancer.

The enemy of well-tended gardens and manicured lawns is now being plucked for its power to inhibit the growth of several types of cancer.  One man’s trash heap of dandelions (Taraxacum Officinale), is now another man’s prized treasure for surviving and beating cancer.

dandelion tea for detox Dandelion Tea Heals 2 From Luekemia

In a bed on an oncology floor of the Windsor Regional Hospital, one elderly patient – frustrated with no improvement from treating leukemia with several rounds of chemotherapy – sipped dandelion tea as a last hope. There was othing to lose administering a natural cancer therapy to a highly resistant strain of myelomonocytic leukemia. She even shared some with another cancer patient. But Dr. Caroline Hamm, Oncologist, was surprised at the test results of both patients sipping dandelion tea.

Both cancer patients improved while taking dandelion tea – and both refused more rounds of chemotherapy. Thinking the results of beating cancer with a lawn weed was entirely coincidental, Dr. Hamm enlisted the help of University of Windsor biochemist Siyaram Pandey. Official research on the non-toxic cancer therapy from  dandelions with funding from the Kings of Columbus Council 9671.

Dandelion roots were dug up and a root extract was created.  The dandelion root extract was put in a culture dish with the leukemia blood cells from disposable tissue of 9 patients.

What happened next was amazing…the leukemia cells “committed suicide” when the dandelion root extract was added. Within 24 hours, the leukemia cancer cells were killed. Dr. Pandey reported, “The regular cells were not killed.” The incredible results can be found in the Journal of Ethnopharmacy.

Cancer Cells Self-Destruct with Dandelion Root Extract

Cell suicide (apoptosis) is common place in our body.  Amazingly, cells in our body commit suicide when they are no longer needed or have faulty DNA.

However, the horror of cancer is that cancer cells skip his process of self-elimination and resist cell death. Dr. Pandey’s research attempts to explain why dandelion root extract can cause cancer cells to commit cell suicide, while healthy cells continue to function.

Dandelion Root Extract Accepted as Anti-Cancer Therapy

Scientific and medical researchers are accepting dandelion root extract as a valid healing phytomedicine. Their clinical results are being published in various publications.

  • International Journal of Oncology, 2008. Dandelion tea was shown to decrease breast cancer cells. Researchers tested dandelion tea on prostate cancer cells and found similar results.
  • International Journal of Oncology, 2011.  Dandelion supplement with others dietary supplements suppresses the growth of prostate cancer cells.
  • 2011, dandelion root extract induces cancer cell death in chemo-resistant melanoma (a type of skin cancer)—without toxicity to healthy cells.
  • Native American Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Dandelion extracts are effective treatments for leukemia and breast cancer.

Other studies have shown that dandelion root extract administered in vitro are active against  pancreatic cancer cells and colon cancer cells. Thankfully, human trials are in process of being approved for non-toxic cancer therapy.

Dandelion tea and dandelion root extracts are available as dietary supplements at health food stores and online health retailers.

When you think of cancer support and treatment, do you think dandelions? Help a friend with cancer chose the natural, non-drug path to wellness and share this article!

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