Our skin, the largest organ of the body, takes the brunt of all sorts of abuse. The skin is exposed to hot and cold, wet and dry, coarse and soft, caustic and soothing substances. Our skin gets pinched, cut, bruised, burned, and scraped.

Our skin serves to protect us, provides us with all kinds of sensory information. But it also eliminates unwanted toxins and absorb other desirable minerals and nutrients.[1]

Because the skin is a vast organ, immersing your body in a soothing and detoxifying bath can be very beneficial.

A warm, hot bath can be very therapeutic and relaxing with the right solution added to your water. Solution baths can help reduce stress, pull unwanted toxins from the body, relieve itching, reduce inflammation, and promote overall health.

epsom salt detox bathWhole Body Baths

There are numerous whole-body baths that offer a variety of desired effects. Below are just a few of these.

Epsom Salt Bath

One of the most common, tried and true baths is the Epsom salt bath. Epsom salt contains the minerals magnesium and sulfate. Magnesium “helps regulate the activity of more than 300 enzymes in the body” and assists in controlling blood pressure and cardiovascular health.[2]

Our body also needs sulfate for a number of biological processes. Sulfate helps remove toxins from the body and forms proteins in joints and brain tissue. An Epsom salt bath is a great way to replenish these two important minerals in your body.

To prepare an Epsom salt bath, simply add two cups of Epsom salt to your bath water. Soak three times weekly (or as often as desired) for at least 12 minutes.[3]

Feeling stressed? Relaxing in an Epsom salt bath can ease muscle pain and draw toxins out of your body (especially heavy metals).

For an added aromatic pleasure and calming effect, add 10 drops of lavender oil to your Epsom salt bath.[4]

To reduce pain, add 3-5 drops of black pepper oil to your Epsom salt bath water.[5]

Colloidal Oatmeal Bath

Colloidal oatmeal is not intended as a food source, but strictly for bathing. Colloidal oatmeal helps sooth itchy, scratchy, or dry skin.[6] A bath prepared with colloidal oatmeal might be just the thing to relieve a rash, eczema, insect bites, hives and even sunburn.[7]

Mix one cup of colloidal oatmeal to your bath and soak for 30 minutes.[8]

Bentonite Clay Bath

Bentonite clay is a naturally occurring clay effective in detoxifying the body of harmful waste substances, chemicals, and heavy metals. This is a safe detox method that has been around for millennia.[9]

Dr. Miriam Jang, MD, has documented the effectiveness of bentonite clay baths. They successfully reduce levels of heavy metals including: mercury, lead, arsenic, aluminum, and cadmium.[10]

bentonite clay bathEnsure that you purchase your bentonite clay from a source that ensures its purity. Bentonite clay can be used in a detox bath in two ways:

1) By dissolving one to four cups in the bath water.

2) By making a paste with apple cider vinegar and spreading it over your skin. Use a non-metal bowl and utensil to mix.

If using this second method, allow the clay to remain on the skin for at least five minutes before soaking in the tub.[11]

Other Detox Baths

Additional detox baths include a variety of essential oils, sea salt, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, ginger, and seaweed.[12] Here are a few detox baths to try:

  • For an antibiotic, antiviral cleanse, try a hydrogen peroxide bath with ½ to 1 cup food grade peroxide in the tub and soak for 30 minutes.[13]
  • A seaweed detox bath is said to improve the flow of blood and lymph fluids in the body. Place a large piece of seaweed or kelp in a pot of boiling water and allow to steep for 30 minutes. Strain out the seaweed and add it to your bath water and soak for 20 minutes.[14]
  • Attack a bacterial infection and soften your skin with an apple cider vinegar bath. Just add 1 cup of apple cider vinegar to hot bath water and soak for 30 minutes.[15]

Foot Baths

The same ingredients used above for whole body baths you can use for foot baths, as well. For people on their feet a lot, ginger is a particularly soothing foot bath. Mix ¼ cup ground ginger into water and soak feet for 10-15 minutes. This bath soothes tired feet and reduces inflammation.[13]

General Guidelines

You can intensify the effects of any of these detox baths by:

1) Increasing the amount of the detox substance.

2) Using hotter water.

3) Remaining in the solution longer.

But I must warn you! Taking a detox bath can leave you so relaxed that you’ll become sleepy, so you may want to indulge and detox right before bedtime!

Added to the pleasure of submersing yourself in water, detoxifying baths can play an important role in your overall health. The beauty of a detox bath is that you can take it whenever you want and whenever you feel like you need one.

You’re probably saying to yourself right now, “I don’t have time to take a therapeutic bath! My life is too hectic!” That’s all the more reason that you need to go soak for a while!

Don’t just settle for a quick shower. Make it a point to pick up what you need to take a therapeutic, detoxing bath. Make an appointment with your bathtub and take some of the stress and toxins out of your life!

How do you detox in the bath? Share your tips and tricks, then share this article with a friend!


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