The Diabetes Diet From the USDA Food Pyramid Is Deadly.

Do you know that diabetes is now a pandemic problem in America? It used to just be an epidemic, but now during the last 40 years diabetes has gotten much worse than it ever was. An epidemic is when a disease has taken over a city or a specific area. A pandemic is when there is an epidemic of epidemics. In other words, an onset of diabetes has infiltrated every American community.

Both new and old science has been stating that Type 2 diabetes is curable for years now. Click Here For The Diabetes Cure. But, apparently most people think that means the diabetes treatment of taking medications for the rest of their lives. Meanwhile, diabetes just keeps spreading. It is not a transmittable disease. However, anyone and everyone can get it if they want to. All they have to do is take on America’s favorite Diabetes Diet.

You have heard of the South Beach diet, the Mediterranean diet. Well, now there is The American Diabetes Diet. That’s right, a proven, time-tested diabetes treatment that guarantees you will get diabetes too.

I am here to tell you this proclaimed Diabetes Diet isn’t so special after all. In fact, I hate to be the whistle blower but it is exactly the same as The Heart Disease Diet and The American Cancer Diet too.

I don’t expect to stifle any book sales here because there aren’t any. But, in spite of this, The Diabetes Diet has barnstormed American dinner tables and eating habits.

It seems everyone is doing it these days and the climbing diabetes rates prove it.

The only published literature I found that might be able to take some credit for this diabetes treatment killer fad is this thing called The Food Pyramid. To my shock, it was not published by anyone in particular; the US Government published it.

The US Department of Agriculture seems to be responsible for establishing the Standard American Diet (SAD). This is very “sad” indeed because most people actually expect the government to know what they are talking about. I believe this assumption has led us head first into our current pandemic situation.

With further research it didn’t take long to discover that this so called USDA Food Pyramid, which is the premise of the infamous Diabetes Diet, is not based on real science at all. In fact, it looks to me as it is a purely economically driven dietary model and has nothing to do with promoting health and preventing diseases.

Taking a closer look . . . let’s start at the top of the pyramid.

The USDA Food Pyramid is suggesting we eat less of the foods at the top and more of the foods at the bottom, representing the base or foundation of the diet. At the top we find fats, oils and sweets. First of all I wouldn’t even place “sweets” in here as a food. Rather than suggesting eating sweets sparingly, I would have simply omitted them altogether as a non-food, non-nutrient for the diabetic diet, or any diet at all. Further, I have found ample evidence that many plant based oils and fats are “essential” to a balanced healthy metabolism and diabetes treatment, i.e., flax, hemp, grape seed, sesame, olive, and coconut.

In fact, a healthy heart is a muscle that is ideally surrounded by healthy fats that it uses for fuel. Truth is fat is the primary fuel used for energy throughout the body, whereas carbohydrates are secondary. For More Information On Diabetes Food Fuel, Click Here.

Clearly the government’s model fails to identify the difference between healthy plant fats from unhealthy animal fats.

That is a big oversight and we are only at the apex of the food pyramid.

Going down to the next level we see a recommendation of 2-3 servings of dairy products. At this same level just below the apex it suggests 2-3 servings of meat, poultry, fish and eggs, dried beans and the nut group of foods. The problem with this is dairy is loaded with casein, an animal protein that has been proven to trigger diseases like diabetes. The same has been verified for all animal protein as well.

The same anti-diabetogenic diet that prevents diabetes can also cure it. So seeing how we are dealing with a diabetic pandemic here, I would place these animal protein recommendations up into the apex with bad fats and sweets.

I am not sure why the beans are recommended as dried, but I would emphasize the importance of “sprouting” dried beans to reduce phytic acids. Phytic acid blocks minerals from being absorbed in your body. Plus, sprouting your beans generates a nutritional jackpot of minerals and vitamins. As far as nuts go, especially important for a diabetic diet, I would list the best nuts by nutritional levels and healthiest good fat content, cashews being the least nutritious of all.

Below this level I see 3-5 servings of the vegetable group and 1-4 servings of the fruit group at the same level. Below that, at the very base of The Food Pyramid, we see it recommends 6-11 servings of bread, cereal, and the rice and pasta group.

Based on all the comprehensive reports that leading doctors and scientists have compiled and the evidence their conclusions suggest, I would switch these two levels around for a diabetes treatment and diabetes diet.

A diet of raw vegetables and fruits has been proven to normalize blood sugar levels for Type 2 and Type 1 diabetes in as little as 4 days. Thus, I would make fruits and vegetables the basic foundation of my own health and wellness pyramid. Personally, that is exactly what I have done to reverse my pre-diabetes and recommend for any Type diabetes treatment.

This would move the grain section above the fruit and vegetables (Remember, the “higher up” the pyramid “the less” it is recommended.) I would also emphasize the importance of eating unrefined whole grain breads, pastas and rice. Even better, if you really want to make the best of any diet (diabetes diet or not), then choose to eat only sprouted breads and sprouted grain cereals.

One more thing I would throw into the apex “to be eaten sparingly,” is all refined white sugar, salt and flours. This would give it a tiny white cap at the top.

You can look for my “upgraded” Anti-Diabetic Food Pyramid in upcoming publications of Barton Publishing’s monthly newsletter Home Cures That Work.

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The footer of my “upgraded” anti-diabetic pyramid will be daily exercise to add to your diabetes diet. If you are ready to reverse your diabetes and reduce or avoid the diabetic medication regime,
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