I really get a kick out of helping people improve their flexibility. Or better yet; when I can help them get over an injury or eliminate their pain.

Sometimes, the simplest suggestion can make all the difference.

Stretching properly is a little more technical than just swinging your leg over a park bench. There are methods and techniques that will maximize the benefits and minimize the risks.

And that’s why stretching properly is so important. A tiny change in the way you stretch can make a huge difference. And if you’re not stretching properly, you’re wasting your time; or worse yet, setting yourself up for an injury.

To make sure you’re stretching properly and getting the most out of your time spent exercising, Brad Walker and his team of injury management experts have compiled over 44 videos and 135 photographs of unique stretching exercises guaranteed to improve your athletic performance, minimize sports injury and eliminate stiff, aching muscles & jointsonce and for all.

stretchingPlus, Brad also explains…

Which muscles you should and shouldn’t stretch?

  • When is the best time to stretch?
  • Should you stretch every day?
  • 6 rules to make stretching safe;
    no matter what your age.
  • How to warm-up properly.
  • And a whole lot more.

If you’re sick and tired of tight, sore muscles and you’ve had enough of not being able to move and perform like you want to, take a look at Brad’s resources at the link below…

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