If you are worried about your cholesterol levels, your doctor might have told you to stay off certain foods. And if I’m not mistaken, most of these are foods you love – pasta, steaks, burgers, cheesecake, you know what I mean…

Italian secret to lowering cholesterolHe’d have also recommended you to do regular exercise.

But here’s the thing. Even if you did stay off the rich food and exercised regularly, chances are your cholesterol numbers still look bad.

You are not alone. There are thousands of people right here in North America who are following their doctor’s advice to the letter but not getting the desired results. And many of them are making the big mistake of resorting to statin drugs.

If you too are thinking of taking statins, there’s something you should know…

Statins are dangerous. In fact, in some countries, all statin medications have a warning on their packaging.

So how do you control and support healthy cholesterol? It’s simple. Ask the Italians.

Did you know that in spite of their diet rich in pasta, cheese and butter, Italians have 35% less heart problems than Americans? And did you know that on average, they live 5 years more than most Americans do?

What’s their secret? A rare fruit that grows in a specific locality in southern Italy.

Thankfully, modern day scientists have studied this fruit and have established that the extract from this fruit works with your body, and can help…

  • Drop your total cholesterol 2 TIMES LOWER than diet & exercise
  • Drop your ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol 2 TIMES LOWER than phytosterol supplements
  • Drop your triglycerides over 3 TIMES LOWER than policosanol supplementsbergamot tackles cholesterol
  • Increase ‘good’ HDL cholesterol by nearly TWICE as much as policosanol supplements
  • Block ‘really bad’ oxidized cholesterol – where both statins and
    most natural supplements often fail.

What’s even better, the remarkable results from clinical trials show this special extract can also help support balanced blood sugar, promote artery health and support healthy blood pressure. And just so you know, people enjoyed these benefits without suffering through harsh side effects.

The best news is all the changes can be noticed starting in as little as one month.

When I looked at the results from the clinical trials. I was really excited. At last I have scientific proof that people with cholesterol worries can now lead a fun, active life without worrying about cholesterol levels

To see how you too can support healthy cholesterol, without giving up your favorite foods, Click Here.