The answer is: NO!

Mind over matter is one of the oldest sayings…and now it is backed by science. It is a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you “think old,” then you may very well “become old.” So, how do you improve  your memory so you don’t “become old?”

As your body ages biologically, you can still control your cognitive and memory skills by maintaining confidence about yourself and your abilities.

Protect Your Memory With Positive Thinking

Research compiled by North Carolina State University and led by psychology professor Dr. Tom Hess showed that telling senior citizens they would perform badly on memory tests proved that they would.

When this group was told other participants their age did well on certain tests, guess what?  They performed well when they started to believe they could! Basically, how you perceive your age can directly impact your performance.

If the participants were more educated and relied on the ability to remember things for their self-worth, then this young effect was particularly high.

Hess explained,

“The take-home message is that social factors may have a negative effect on older adults’ memory performance.”

Anti-aging is huge industry. More elderly members of society are trying to remain in the work force longer and grasping at whatever they can with the hopes of living longer.  This is more a possibility than ever before and improving your memory with positive thinking does help!

Do You Feel Your Age?

Purdue University published a study in the Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences conducted by research leader Markus H. Schafer, a doctoral student in sociology and gerontology. Dr. Schafer stated,

“If you feel old beyond your own chronological years you are probably going to experience a lot of the downsides that we associate with aging. But if you…maintain a sense of being younger, then that gives you an edge in maintaining a lot of the abilities you prize.”

Wonderful! If you feel younger, then you can convince your mind and body you are younger. Your mind is a very powerful influence over your body!

Recently, there are more body and hair analysis tests available that can determine your REAL age.  The difference lies in chronological age (how old you are) and subjective age (how old you feel).

Purdue surveyed almost 500 people between 55 and 74 years old over 10 years. Schafer told the journal,

 “These people who felt young for their age were more likely to have greater confidence about their cognitive abilities a decade later. Chronological age was important, but the subjective age had a stronger effect.”

So take a moment, consider how you view your age and ask yourself the following the questions:

  • Do you feel older than you are?
  • Do you dwell on your age?
  • Do you obsess about “losing” your youth?

Unfortunately, women tend to feel older than they actually are because of societies pressure to believe their self-worth is based on physical attractiveness. Because of this pressure to maintain a youthful appearance, females – as a group – tend to be less confident as they age.

Feel Young = Stay Young

Who doesn’t want to feel young and stay young?  Thankfully, the anti-aging movement in our fast-paced world  may encourage members of the older generations to engage in experiences and abilities that help keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

This doesn’t mean you have to try skydiving or get piercings!

10 Tips to Keep Your Brain & Body Young

  1. Stay as active as physically possible.
  2. Take up hobbies you’ve always wanted to try.
  3. Tutor a subject to reinforce your own knowledge.
  4. Get plenty of sleep every night.
  5. Consider going back to school and learning something that interests you.
  6. Interact often with people who inspire positive thinking.
  7. Challenge yourself with regular mind and “brain games.”
  8. Learn a new language.
  9. Eat memory-enhancing foods that include eggs, fatty fish and leafy greens that feed your brain!
  10. Use photos, word association and written notes to aid memory recall.

In proving your young age to yourself, avoid negative thinkers. These are the people who caution

you with what you can or cannot do, planting seeds of doubt about your age.  In addition, limit your alcohol consumption. Alcohol can negatively affect your memory and is a depressant, which definitely makes you feel old!

Staying optimistic is the key to feeling like you have control of your life. Let go of the little things and seize every moment! Stay young, by thinking young!  Your memory will improve with age!