Avoid shingles like the plague!

Research indicates that some folks suffer from the pain for years (and YEARS!) after the initial shingles outbreak. The shingles virus (herpes zoster virus) stays in your nervous system, not just the skin, and can get reactivated at any time.

Without keeping your immune system in check, the pain may come back and you’ll have to go through the skin lesions, neuralgia and shingles stigma all over again.

Invest in speed of recovery and shingles prevention with this issue of Home Cures That Work. The natural treatments laid out in the December issue of Home Cures That Work can lessen the symptoms, help speed healing and prevent other shingles complications or problems. It is quite humbling to realize that shingles can return with fatigue and drag you around for another phase of nerve pain.

Don’t risk ever becoming subject to the shingles virus. Visit Home Cures That Work to read more about the Ring of Fire called Shingles.

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The most disagreeable element of shingles is the nerve pain.  It can muddle thinking and confuse thought. To avoid medication and return to the mainstream of life, read “The Secret to Keeping the Shingles Virus Dormant Forever!

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On the face of it, shingles is a viral explosion of the herpes zoster virus, the residue of an early chickenpox infection, left dormant in the body and brought back to life by a lowering of the immune system.

The best shingles prevention is to keep the immune system functioning well. This is done in the usual way, with “The Big Three: Food, Exercise, and Stress Reduction“. Read Dr. Saunders’ Big Three article here:

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The word shingle means band or girdle (not roof tile) and is related to the way the nerves in the spine form a band, or half-circle, around the back. The initial infection follows this nerve around the body, forming red blisters around the chest and back, but only on one side of the body.

You can loose the shingles girdle, and maybe even a few pounds, by reaping the benefits of healthful, delicious and life-giving alkaline food. Grandma Barton digs out the remedy here:

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Having shingles can be a battle against inactivity and forced immobility, limited by body and illness, frustration and boredom. Fight shingles with recuperation and rest, and this issue of Home Cures That Work.

P.S. The actual physical healing of shingles is part of recovery. The emotional and spiritual parts also need attention. “Each of us can sort out what we believe about the degree to which God allows the curse of skin afflictions.”

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