Due to the fact that hemorrhoids are located down in the nether region of the body, a.k.a the “anorectal region,” they often end up being the butt of the joke.

The reality of the situation is hemorrhoids are nothing to laugh about.

Despite the fact that hemorrhoids are a serious health concern, I’ve found no one’s saying what the root cause of hemorrhoids really is, even after doing exhaustive research on the subject.

If all you care about is treating the painful hemorrhoidal “symptoms and don’t care what causes them or how you can prevent them, then there’s plenty of invasive medical treatments and procedures available… and this article isn’t for you.

On the other hand, if you really want to get to the bottom of the whole hemorrhoid problem, then I will, discreetly, shine a little light on this unpleasant and often debilitating health issue.

If that’s sounds like you, read on!

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There is so much more to the story than just eating more fiber and medicating the swollen hemorrhoid symptoms.

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Some Famous People Who Shared Infamous Pain

Rumor has it that Napoleon lost the battle of Waterloo because his hemorrhoids prevented him from horseback riding. Some may argue the historical accuracy of that, but if you’ve ever suffered from hemorrhoid symptoms, then you’ll find the story “easy to imagine.

Anyone could get hemorrhoids. It doesn’t matter if your Joe the plumber or president of the United States. In fact, Jimmy Carter opted to have hemorrhoid surgery. Ernest Hemingway was known to have suffered from them, too.

The fact is hemorrhoids can become a priority in your life if you let them. When your bum hurts from the inside out there’s not much else you can keep your mind on, no matter how hard you try.

If you have hemorrhoids, one thing is for sure: there will be no more musical chairs, games of leapfrog, unicycling, bowling, horseback riding or Ninja fighting until you remedy the problem.

Find The Root Cause of Hemorrhoids and Find the Hemorrhoid Cure

Hemorrhoids are caused from too much pressure being exerted during those “necessary” bowel movements we all must have.

Hemorrhoids are really just irritated veins. After undergoing years of irregular pressure they become so swollen they can get forced to the outside of your body.

When this condition is left unaddressed and “internal hemorrhoids” grow to become “external hemorrhoids,” the misery has just begun. It goes unsaid that these veins are supplying blood to some of the most sensitive nerve endings in your body. Once they are stretched to the point of being exposed outside, where they don’t belong, the intense pain, bleeding and itchy discomfort can become agonizing.

Some of the main causes of hemorrhoids are obesity, sitting a lot and eating too much processed meat. There are root causes of hemorrhoids and other factors that can make hemorrhoids inflamed, such as dehydration, lack of raw vegetable and fruit fibers in the diet and various nutrient deficiencies.

Bottom line, hemorrhoids are preventable and curable without using drugs and hemorrhoid surgery.

P.S. Until then, eat plenty of chicken noodle soup, hordes of fresh fruit and keep your bottoms up!