There’s a massive amount of MIS-information about your health out there these days.

Believing these lies could be dangerous, even fatal, to your health…

For instance:

You’ve probably heard how salt’s bad for your blood pressure.

That at the first hint of a high reading you’ll be reduced to eating “rabbit food” to keep the sodium out of your diet, right?

Well… that’s just plain WRONG!

The truth is: Without salt in your diet, you can’t survive.

sea salt

Your body needs the outside source of sodium because it can’t produce its own. In fact, The Journal of Human Hypertension concluded that salt actually HELPS your blood pressure by normalizing it to healthy levels…

And there’s even a good chance that if you do have high blood pressure it’s because you don’t have the right amounts of calcium, magnesium and potassium that salt provides you…

In other words, your lack of salt can be making your high blood pressure worse!

But there’s one catch…

You must avoid man-made table salts like the plague. They’ve been stripped of their healthy qualities during the refining process and they’re basically poison to your body.

Instead, choose natural Sea Salt and you could see your blood pressure drop up to 11 points!

But that’s not all. There’re plenty more lies about your health that you’re being told, and your blood pressure is much too important for you not to have the complete truth.

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