10-yr BP Anniv

What do ladybugs, a six-pack of Coca-Cola, pureed asparagus and apples have in common?

They are all part of the story of Barton Publishing! Yep, the little internet-based company I started in my basement exactly 10 years ago this month!

Many of our dear subscribers don’t know much about us, besides being the world’s leading publishers of homeopathic, integrative and natural remedies, so I’d like to take some time to tell you more about our good old-fashioned American success story…

I’d also like to pay you $10, just for listening! (More on that in just a second).

So a little over 10 years ago, I was working as a CPA, doing taxes (fun…not!). My wife and I had two young boys, and we really wanted her to be a stay-at-home mom to raise them. So we took a leap of faith, she quit her job, and our income was cut in half.

Struggling to make ends meet, I began selling some of my books and baseball cards on eBay. That’s when I discovered the wonderful world of digital publishing, where experts delivered amazing information through the internet. Eventually I taught myself how to build a website, create a digital product that would help people solve a problem, and deliver it online and through someone’s email address.

One day after work, I noticed there were ladybugs invading our house. The soybean crops had just been harvested (we lived in the country in Minnesota), so these Asian Lady Beetles were looking for a place to winter. These are nasty little critters that get everywhere, and they stink bad if you squish them.

So I decided that would be the “problem” that I would find a “solution” for. I did a lot of research to find some remedies that worked to repel these little buggers, and put together my first ebook at www.GetRidOfLadybugs.com. I launched a couple ads on Google Adwords, and started to make some sales in October 2003! It was working!!

(TIP: If you’re currently dealing with a ladybug invasion, try using some camphor and menthol, or white sage. Vicks Vapo-Rub vaporizers worked great for us. More details in our report!)

A few months later, my mom called me up with a remedy for kidney stones, which her chiropractor used successfully himself. “Six pack of Coca-Cola in two hours, followed by a cup of pureed asparagus!”

So I researched that home remedy, put together a report with the findings of my research, and launched www.GetRidOfKidneyStones.com! I started getting some amazing customer testimonials about this report (kidney stones passing painlessly!! Yeah!!), so I knew I was onto something.

Over the next couple months I launched a few more sites, including www.GetRidOfGallstones.comwww.UTIreport.com, and eventually, www.RefluxRemedy.com, which tells my dad’s miraculous story of how he discovered a natural remedy (a red delicious apple) that ended his 10-year battle with severe acid reflux.

Before I knew it, my little portfolio of websites was selling ebooks 24 hours a day, all around the world! I had been working 3-4 hours every night after my kids went to bed, growing my business one day at a time. By October 2004, I was selling enough ebooks so I could quit my job as a CPA and focus on my business.

What a first year that was!

But enough about our story… now I’d like to focus on my favorite topic – YOU!

This entire month, we are honoring our subscribers with a coupon code that is worth $10 for you or anyone else who wants to use it. You can go to any of the sites listed above, or any of our other sites found through www.BartonPublishing.com, and enter the coupon code happy10, and receive $10 off your purchase.

That will basically save you 50% off any of our natural health ebooks, which sell all day long for just $19.97 – but you’ll get it for half of that!

That coupon code can be entered on the checkout page, just enter “happy10” and it will take 10 bucks off your order.

Feel free to pass this savings on to your friends or family members who may be dealing with some health issues. We hear stories all the time about how people are using the information in our reports to lower blood sugar or blood pressure levels, get rid of acid reflux, kidney stones, gallstones, and all sorts of other health ailments.

In fact, our own Dr. Scott Saunders, MD, uses the same remedies in these reports to successfully treat his own patients! Information is power. All you need is the right information – and that is what we are passionate about.

In a couple days, I’m going to send you another email that shares the story of Year 2, and what happened after I quit my job. Until then, I wish you nothing but health, happiness and well-being.

Joe Barton circa 2003P.S. Here’s a picture of me in 2003, right about the time I launched that ladybug website.