Can you actually improve your health, strength and power with energy drinks?  Or, is all that extra endurance just in your mind?

Plus, learn how you can train your mind to control your exercise goals and diet discipline for the results you’ve been wanting to see.

There is a lot of talk about how you can harness the power of your mind to control your body – for eating, for exercising, for anything.

Here is a wonderful example of the placebo effect – and probably why so many think they get results from typical supplements. (Really, I’m talking about those “miracle” diet pills that are supposed to help you lose weight rather than the beneficial supplements made from whole foods, herbs and minerals.)

There was an interesting article I read recently that talked about a study correlating (or not) energy drinks to results. I apologize that I don’t have the exact citation or numbers from the study. Nonetheless, here are some of the details from the energy drink and mind-body study.

The first group of two research bodies was given the typical energy drink you can find in almost any store.

Here is where it gets interesting. This first group drinking the energy drink (which might be a complete scam to begin with) was told that what they were drinking would increase their strength and endurance levels.  Basically, researchers told them that the energy drink will increase their energy output.

However, the 2nd group was given the exact same energy drink and were not told anything about what they were drinking – not even that it was an energy drink. Nothing was mentioned that it would improve energy, endurance or strength. Who knows, maybe they simply believed that they were given a drink because they were thirsty.

The Results – You Guessed It

Wouldn’t you know that the 1st group that was given the energy drink and told it would increase their strength and endurance actually experienced an increase in their strength and endurance tests.  Not surprising!

What is surprising is that the 2nd group, which received the very same energy drink but not told it would increase their energy, had no improvements in their strength and endurance tests! There was absolutely no indication or measurable results that indicated an increased in energy.

You guessed the results!  So much of what we choose to believe is all in your mind!

This energy drink study shows us another example of believing in your mind something works will improve the results. Energy drinks don’t really help with anything, but if you believe that it can help, the placebo effect is at work.

Applying the Power of your Mind to Nutrition and Workouts 

1. When you start any type of exercise or workout, you need to believe in your mind that what you are doing will transform your body.  What you begin to believe in your mind, your body will return with results.  If you believe in your mind that the exercises you are performing will transform your body, the results of training at the gym will improve much more than just routinely moving your body without engaging your mind in exercising.

2. When you are eating healthy food, choose to believe that the right foods you are eating will actually transform your body to make you leaner, stronger and have more energy. By believing the right healthy food is helping you (which it is), then it will nourish and feed your body more than if you didn’t think positively about what you are eating.

Believe you me, this is powerful stuff!  You mind really can control your fitness or lack of results!

If you are interested in learning about another super-powerful technique to let your mind work for you to get results from workouts and foods so you can get the exact body you’ve been thinking about, then make sure you read below.  I want to share with you the secret that I used after struggling for years to finally loose that extra weight – permanently.

Have a great one!

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