Later this month, I’m taking my wife & 4 boys on a 10-day summer vacation! We’re planning to stay in KOA cabins for most of our trip.

We’re first travelling to the Badlands of South Dakota, which is about 5 hours away from our house. Then, we’re heading to the Black Hills where we’re going to do some touristy stuff and see Mount Rushmore and a few other sites. Then we’re driving to Wyoming to see Yellowstone National Park and Old Faithful.

From there we’ll head south to Jackson Hole to see the Grand Tetons. I love those mountains! Might just be the most beautiful place in the U.S.A.

We’ll be passing through Cheyenne, WY for a night, then heading to Colorado Springs, CO to visit my wife’s aunt & family for a few days. Colo Springs is a great place, too!

After that, we’ll head towards home with a stop in Omaha, NE to stay in a hotel and possibly go to the Omaha Zoo, which we’ve heard is great! But, we might be too exhausted by then (or homesick)… so we’ll see.

If you know of any fun places along this route, please let me know about it! Also, if you’re a former customer who lives in any of these areas, and you’d like to meet for lunch or something, let me know!

God bless,