When I first heard about this unconventional new way to lower blood pressure, I was skeptical.

Since I didn’t want to take drugs, I decided to try it anyway.

My brother (who is in the medical field) told me I was nuts.

But then something funny happened: it worked!

My blood pressure dropped to normal in less than 2 months.

I was so excited about this easy-to-do therapy, we bought the company.

Fighter Pilot Technology to lower blood pressure v2Yet when I first called on doctors and cardiologists to see if they’d use it with their patients, they laughed and said it was “snake oil”.

I didn’t give up. And slowly in the scientific community word began to get out.

Study after study began showing what I had seen first-hand: an average 10% or more decrease in blood pressure in as little as 4 weeks!

That’s as good or better as people typically see with drugs—but without the miserable side effects.

Before long, I wasn’t just getting letters from people like you or me who had used this therapy. Doctors themselves told me they were using it to lower their blood pressure.

But I really knew I had a hit on my hands when I had a booth at the International Society of Hypertension in Vancouver, Canada. I had to bring in security guards in order to keep some inventory on hand.


Because the doctors there were stealing them off the table!

Somehow, it had become the hottest thing at the show.

Fast forward a few years, and this “unconventional” therapy is now backed by 25 peer-reviewed clinical studies in prestigious medical journals.

It’s been hailed by the American Heart Association, the Harvard Heart Letter, and the Mayo Clinic Health Letter as a breakthrough for lowering blood pressure naturally.

And research shows it’s so effective, it works for 9-in-10 people who try it!

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