What I’m about to share will change the way you shop forever…

Scientists have uncovered a new health concern at your local grocer store.

It’s not some fattening new food, or even the typical threat of non-organic produce.

It’s actually right at the cash register!

You see, scientists are now reporting that the toxin, Bisphenol A (commonly called BPA) is being found in 94% of all cash register receipts!

cash register receipt

Why does this matter?

Well, BPA can have extremely harmful health effects due in part  to “mutant estrogens” from these compounds.

In fact, it’s considered one of the biggest toxic problems causing low testosterone in men!

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BPA contamination has been found in other products as well, but researchers estimate that cash register receipts are contributing as much as 2% of your exposure to harmful estrogens.

That’s definitely something to be aware of and here’s what you can do to protect yourself:

* If you don’t NEED a receipt when you’re at the , don’t take one!

* If you do need one, have them place it “in the bag” and at home, put it in your records without touching it.

* Especially if you’re a man, do all you can to raise your testosterone naturally to help combat the excess estrogen you’re exposed to. (Yes, it CAN be done!)

P.S. You might think this is just being paranoid, but the fact is, research is showing that there’s a literal “testosterone crisis” that’s targeting men.

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