Discover the same techniques I used to get rid of diabetes and shed 110 pounds of fat in the process –

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I wanted to take a minute to share the most significant methods for reversing diabetes that I’ve ever seen…

In fact, these are the very same techniques I used to reverse my own diabetes. Now, they’re available in one easy to use system from my friend and Natural Health Publisher – Joe Barton.

Back in 2003 I was given just 10 years to live.  I was in real trouble by every measurable indicator.

I had type-2 diabetes, my weight was out of control, and I was headed toward a life-long addiction to daily doses of Metformin, finger pricking, and insulin shots.

But I decided that wasn’t for me.

So I went on a crusade to find a way to end this needless suffering and worry without dangerous chemical drugs and constant medical care.

In short – I turned to the Lord for help.  Because I know He’s given us everything we need to live a great, healthy, and long life with the bounty He graced our planet with.

If you’d like to know exactly how you too could reverse your diabetes like I did then simply click here.

Because like me, you need help from scientifically proven remedies that beat diabetes. And the tools to finally lose the extra weight you’ve been carrying around too.

It’s called the Diabetes Solution Kit and to call it a solution is really an understatement.

It was developed by Joe Barton and Dr. Scott Saunders – Barton Publishing’s resident medical doctor.

Together, the research team at Barton Publishing – headed by Joe himself – and Dr. Saunders realized that diabetes drugs are incapable of curing you.  They only serve to control blood sugar – this is NOT the root cause of diabetes.

Worse – you have to stay on those meds for the rest of your life.

But by using the right combinations of foods and moderate exercise, you can lick this deadly disease in as little as 30 days.

Everything you need to know about this incredible system can be found right here – in this FREE presentation. 

You don’t have to live with worry … you don’t have to be a slave to Modern Medicine’s unnatural (and obsolete) ways of symptom suppression when you can easily treat the root cause of diabetes. Eventually, you too could reverse your condition and live free … knowing you’ve taken control of your life and your health.

I did it.  You can too!

So please – if not for yourself, for your loved ones …  find out all the information you need to make an educated decision on your future.

You owe it to yourself and your family to see if the Diabetes Solution Kit is right for you.

There’s no obligation – just trusted, doctor approved information and it’s available right now at no cost to you. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this important message.

I’m a former governor and I’m an ex-diabetic thanks to the powerful techniques found in Barton Publishing’s Diabetes Solution Kit.


Updated March 2015 

We would like to thank the Governor for endorsing the Diabetes Solution Kit! Thousands of customers from all across America were inspired to take action and begin the process of reversing their diabetes symptoms using the natural remedies in the kit. We will be posting testimonials soon. I would also like to announce that the endorsement contract will be ending Thursday, March 19th due to the Governor’s possible future political plans. We are thankful for the opportunity we have to help thousands of people experience vibrant, amazing health through natural healing remedies.