If you want six pack abs, then you have probably already tried every supplement, diet plan or workout program available. So, let’s not waste any more of your time because I have something totally different for you today…

Something that is so obviously effective no one can deny it.  This is a 7 step, fat loss & fitness implementation plan for six pack abs  that is sure to provide you with outstanding results.

Step 1

Drink a tall glass of water before every meal.  By taking this first initial strategic step, you can counteract 30% of unnecessary eating.  Because most people don’t sufficiently quench their thirst during meal times, drinking a tall glass of water before you eat will:

  • Fill yourself with what your body really craves – water
  • Improve speed and ease of digestion
  • Increase absorption of nutrients in your food
  • Raise your metabolism (woo-hoo)

Step 2

Eat every meal on smaller plates.  The psychology of eating is fascinating, isn’t it? It is quite amazing that your brain will communicate to your body that you are eating more food if you you put it on a smaller plate. However, the reverse is also true, meaning we often eat for 15-20 minutes past feeling full or pass the point of satiety. The answer? Smaller plates.  It works…and every smart bodybuilder knows this.

Step 3

For a diet high in fiber, healthy skin and a great natural snack, eat tons of carrots every day.  Carrots and other foods in high fiber assist the digestive process by moving sludge out of your intestines and colon. By removing the build-up of sludge from your body, the barrier that has stopped other nutrients from being absorbed is broken down and you can improve your skin, as well a build your immune system. Skin, the largest organ of your body, is your primary line of defense against infection, toxins and other environmental pollutants. Carrots are the “mechanical effect” that makes your skin glow and your body strong.

Step 4

Begin and end each day with 3 sets of 15 Burpees. Okay, it doesn’t have to be burpees exactly, but it does have to be an exercise for your whole body.  Burpees have an explosive and stability component that your whole body can utilize quickly.  It is basically like “pulling the alarm” so that your entire body is awake and function all day. This full-force exercise improve your circulation, increasing the levels of oxygen to your organs and releases endorphines, so you can avoid caffeine from coffee, tea and soda or pop.

Step 5

Alternate speed/tempo training every time you go to the gym.  This is key for fat loss and fitness.  Tempo training is another “shock” to the body that tricks it to demand burning more fat. By changing the speed of your exercise on a regular basis, your body acts like a machine that revs up to start its engine, boosting metabolism and rising to the occasion, producing what it needs to on a daily basis.

Step 6

I love this one. Practice stress-relief exercises.  When we are stressed, we release cortisol, which produces belly fat. If only we were still living in caves during the wintertime, then a little extra belly fat might come in handy! Cold, stress and lack of food deposits fat into our lower abdomen, which requires the least amount of energy to digest when threatened with starvation. By removing stress, you save yourself from cortisol and stand a fighting chance at beating your kangaroo pouch.

Step 7

Keep a daily log of the food you eat and of your workouts.  Include any “oops” or mishaps along the way.  Logging your food intake may be boring, but it is the only sure-fire way to hold yourself accountable.  Ask any fitness professional and they will tell you the same thing about tracking your workouts.  If you want to take it up a notch, log your daily results and if you have any mishaps, then offer a rationale. For example, if you decided to eat pizza, then at least include the reason in your daily log.  This action alone can stop you from eating the wrong foods and making the wrong decisions.

You set the goal of getting six pack abs, which is also a commitment to melting belly fat. But as you watch your abs appear, you will get an unparalleled feeling of feeling fit.  Coupled with a perfect exercise program, these 7 steps will help you see those incredible six pack abs.

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by Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri
Neuro Metabolic Fitness & Rehabilitative Expert