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Imagine someone suddenly sticking you with a hot fork in your foot. That is what a gout attack feels like. Gout pain usually attacks your big toe, but can harm other joint spaces as well.

When your Gout pain and swelling team up with the sudden onset of excruciating pain, even while you are “in between” gout attacks, you are usually stuck thinking about the last attack until the next one strikes.

Chronic Gout can literally make you a nervous wreck and even drive a person insane with pain, not to mention, physically cripple you.

Believe me Gout pain is one thing you cannot pretend away. Once Gout grabs your attention, it keeps it and strangles it until you can’t even function right.
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There you are, home from work, daily chores are done and it is time to kick your feet up and relax. But, then it happens: Gout symptoms. At first it is a sharp short “bite” of a reminder, which lasts only a few seconds but feels like a whole minute. Now you know your whole evening is ruined because that “bite” was really just a nibble before the Gout beast really tears in.

If you have Gout pain, you know it is nothing to joke about. It feels like something evil is eating away at your flesh and your nerves, from the inside out!

No matter how hard you massage, or rub and hold the attacked area; no matter how many bandages, wraps and hot water bottles you apply – Gout pain and damage is unstoppable, unless you have the right Gout treatment.

You just can’t protect yourself from an attack that is happening “inside” your body by taking drugs to block the pain.

That is why so many people get addicted to pain pills. The sad thing is pain pills are known to cause permanent kidney and liver damage.

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The Gout poison is created from eating too much animal protein through the years. Add to that some good old traditional alcohol plus maybe some Over-The-Counter drugs (for previous aliments), and you have already over-burdened both your kidneys and liver. This triggers a build-up of a natural metabolic waste that your body usually eliminates without any problem. The waste is called uric acid.

Because your body’s waste elimination system (kidneys and liver) is already over burdened, the worst thing a person can do is react to a Gout attack by popping pain pills.

This can really do some serious tissue damage to your organ tissues. Why add insult to injury by adding chemicals?

Blocking the Gout pain still ignores the root cause of the Gout attacks in the first place. Ignoring the cause allows more uric acid to accumulate in your joint fluid, which then hardens into uric crystals.

When seen under a microscope these accumulating acid crystals appear like tiny “javelins.” The Gout pain is caused from fluid space that is normally for joint lubrication getting filled up with these hardened, poisonous and thorn-like javelins. As they grow in number and size, they destroy nerve, tissue and eventually lead to gross arthritis like damage, triggering gout symptoms.

Bottom line: Gout attacks are not caused from any sort of drug deficiency.

Taking drugs actually feeds the Gout fire in the end.

If you have been heading down that dead end road and you want to turn around, or if you know you are a perfect candidate for the onset of Gouty arthritis and you want to reverse your pattern early, I can point the way.

Natural remedies are called remedies because they “remediate,” which by definition is the act, or process, of correcting a fault or deficiency.

Most people think remedies are some mystical force or some secret potion. But, the truth is remedies are usually a perfect example of common sense, except in a more “targeted” sense of the word.

A true Gout attack remedy is simply a recipe to restore “specific” nutrients and cofactors that your body needs to promote the normal function of your blood, kidney and liver cells.

The most important ingredient of the best gout remedy on earth is you. If you are happy running to another person, whether it is a doctor, a pharmacist or who ever, then you do not need a remedy.

But, if you are like most Americans and are willing to take control of your own life, if you are ready to transform your health and wellness right now or, if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then a proven Gout remedy is exactly what you need.

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You have to see the medical video that shows that horrible damage the uric acid crystals can do. Click Here Now and then watch the video after the pictures.