I was a hearing instrument specialist for about 30 years and I’ve dealt with every kind of hearing problem you can imagine.

One the most common challenges with detecting a hearing loss is that hearing is very subjective. Often hearing loss happens so gradually that even the person experiencing the hearing loss can be unaware. Because your mind has amazing adaptive capabilities, losing your hearing isn’t as obvious as let’s say losing your eye sight. I’m at the age where I can’t help but notice my vision blurring; there’s just no denying it.

Loss of hearing is hard enough to detect as it is, especially sense we all learn to adjust to a noisy world almost from birth. Fact is we learn to adapt to not hearing in noise long before we start losing our sense of hearing.

That’s why many hard of hearing people are some of the most adaptive and intelligent people you’ll ever meet.

Problem is, if you are suffering from a hearing loss, chances are your family and friends accuse you of having selective hearing. What’s worse is that because you don’t know what you’re missing, when your hearing starts getting bad, people around you secretly start questioning your mental sharpness. They’re not sure if you really didn’t hear, misunderstood – or are losing your mind.

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Can’t Stop The Ringing In Your Head?

If you suffer from tinnitus you know exactly what I’m talking about.

You can’t think straight. Your concentration is in tatters and carrying on a conversation in a group is nearly impossible.

Tinnitus is a dangerous thing to ignore. In fact, over time it can raise your blood pressure and even rob you of your ability to understand speech.

You have 40 to 60,000 microscopic nerve endings inside your inner ear. These nerve endings become damaged from noise, toxins or trauma and the ringing can drive you insane.

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For example, if someone’s wife says, “Please put your hat on the rack,” the husband might think she asked to “Please put the cat out back.” This is a type of hearing loss that makes it harder to hear softer sounds in speech, like consonants. Vowels have a deeper tone and are naturally louder and consonants are sharper, higher and weaker tones.

Surgery Won’t Help, But Natural Remedies Can

The most common type of hearing loss is called nerve loss, or technically a sensori-neural hearing loss. Some doctors will tell you it’s permanent. On the contrary, I agree with most naturopathic doctors who have helped reverse different types of hearing loss using natural remedies.

Nerve loss can be subject to poor circulation, nutritional deficiencies and mineral depletion, among other things. Exposure to excessive noise harms the nerves in your ears, but the healthier you are, the more likely your body will recover.

I do know if you pop aspirin products and work around noise, your chances of losing your hearing are greater, simply because aspirin pulls the blood away from your ears. Many people who have ringing (Tinnitus) in their ears is from taking aspirin and other drugs in noisy places.

50% of all seniors take at least one pharmaceutical drug daily.

My experience is the “average senior” takes between 6 to 20 different drugs and who knows what the real side effects are. Doctors don’t know it all, and drug dealers aren’t volunteering that kind of information, you can bet your life on it. Many people do.

There Are 3 Types of Hearing Loss:

1.     Conductive: Usually a physical problem with the ear drum or middle ear. Nutritional therapy can help. Otherwise, surgery is usually the answer.

2.     Sensori-neural: Inner ear nerve loss in the cochlea. Usually, drug and/or noise induced. Nutritional therapy or a hearing aid is the answer,

3.     Mixed: Combination of both, a diet high in living plant source nutrients can be helpful.

Live well,

Martin Jacobse
Consumer Health Advocate

P.S. Always get a second opinion where surgery, drugs or hearing aids are concerned.