Enforcing nutritional ignorance

Powerful corporations, of course, require the services of oppressive government to enforce nutritional ignorance across the population, especially in relation to a cancer cure and vitamin D. In the USA, the Food and Drug Administration is the primary enforcer of nutritional ignorance.

The FDA makes one of its primary missions the destruction of knowledge about health, nutrition and natural remedies. This is accomplished by outlawing any honest speech about nutrition from supplement companies, even going as far as threatening them with arrest and criminal prosecution if they dare link to scientific studies about nutrition.

Meanwhile, the FDA openly approves health claims on processed food products sold by powerful corporations. This is designed to convince consumers that junk foods are healthful foods, even while healthful foods can make no claims whatsoever about their health benefits.

The FTC also gets in the game with its own brand of censorship, arresting and imprisoning owners of companies that offer natural cancer treatments based on good science. That’s why no real cancer cures are offered in the U.S. anymore — all the scientists who know the subject have either been imprisoned or run out of the country.

Medical journals also play a part in the ongoing ignorance of the masses about nutrition by promoting intellectually dishonest information about the supposed benefits of pharmaceuticals while attacking natural remedies and ignoring nutritional cures.

The disease non-profit groups also play a big part in the nutritional ignorance scam. Note, carefully, how the cancer non-profits dare not teach people to take vitamin D supplements? If they did, cancer would cease to be such a big problem and those non-profits would lose membership (and power). So they continue the grand charade of ignoring known cancer cures while claiming they’re still “searching for a cure.”

I’ve even seen lots of smart people jogging along in those “race for the cure” events — which are of course just a fundraising fraud. When I’ve asked these people where the money goes that they’re donating, they just shrug their shoulders and say, “I dunno. I guess it goes to find a cure!”

These are very smart people, mind you, who have been sucked into this sucker’s fundraising trap. They have no clue where the money is going (hint: almost all of it goes to cancer “recruiting” and screening efforts to scare more women into chemotherapy) and yet they jog along with all the other sheeple, somehow believing they are doing good in the world.

In all, these institutions and power centers accomplish something quite remarkable: The complete nutritional ignorance of virtually the entire population.

And with that, they shore up their own profit centers by keeping the American people ignorant and nutritionally illiterate.

What does it feel like to be a slave?

I can’t help but bring up a touchy chapter of American history — made even more touchy by the recent racial profiling debate regarding the police arrest of Prof. Henry Gates. It is an historical fact that slave plantations in America forbade their slaves to learn how to read or write. Literacy, you see, empowers people, and when slaves are empowered, they’re harder to control.

Keeping the slaves illiterate made them easier to dominate. If you can’t read road signs, it’s harder to escape. If you can’t write, it’s difficult to secretly communicate with others (you can’t even write a note!). Illiteracy, it turns out, is a highly effective strategy for keeping people enslaved.

Americans today are kept nutritionally illiterate for precisely the same reasons: To make them easier to control. To enslave them — economically, medically and even chemically. Banning knowledge about natural remedies (the FDA) while promoting false science as truth (the medical journals) accomplishes the seemingly impossible task of enslaving an entire nation (including nearly all of the “smart” people).

As a result, we are slaves to that system of enforced nutritional ignorance.

It is a system that grows our (genetically modified) crops. That processes grains into depleted foods. That feeds us through vending machines and fast food restaurants. That sells us medicine when we become predictably sick. It is a system that turns free-thinking, intelligent people into blabbering, diseased victims who are so deeply entrained in the philosophy of enforced ignorance that they will actually defend it.

Ignorance is power.

Power over the people. Power to dominate minds. Power to make money off the suffering of others.

What the cruel, white plantation owners did to their black slaves in the 1800’s, Big Government is doing to all of us today.

By the way, if the phrase “Ignorance is Power” seems familiar, that’s because it’s a paraphrase of one of the lines in George Orwell’s novel 1984, which states:

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Power

This philosophy, it turns out, is embodied by our government today. “War is Peace” refers to the idea that the only way to achieve peace is to wage war. (This is precisely the foreign policy of the U.S. today.) “Freedom is Slavery” means that in order to achieve freedom, we must give up our rights and become slaves. (Also a key principle of the crooks running Washington today.) “Ignorance is Power” is as I’ve described here: The more the population can be kept ignorant and illiterate and health and nutrition, the more easily they can be controlled by advertisers, government regulators and so-called “authority figures” like conventional medical doctors.

No coincidence

Thus, it is no coincidence that the U.S. population is kept nutritionally ignorant. The knowledge destruction campaigns of the FDA, combined with the health disinformation efforts of the medical establishment, have managed to keep even really smart people completely in the dark on nutrition fundamentals and natural remedies. People don’t even know the truth about vitamin D!

And that, my friends, is how even really smart people can seem so incredibly unintelligent when it comes to nutrition, vitamin D and cancer cures. It is not mere coincidence; it is a devious, intentional plot to keep the population docile and ignorant. And you can really see the effectiveness of this scheme when it comes to things like vaccines. Thanks to widespread ignorance of vitamin D, people foolishly believe their only protection against influenza is a vaccine injection (even smart people!).

That so many people willingly line up to be injected with an untested, unproven and utterly ineffective vaccine cocktail is proof of how easy it is to control a population as long as the people are kept illiterate. People who lack good information have no way to ask questions. So they go along with whatever disinformation the “authorities” are pushing at the time, even if it’s complete nonsense.

Even smart people, I’ve learned, have very poor discernment skills when it comes to questioning authority about health, nutrition and natural remedies.

Why the schools are dumbed down

Now that you know all this, you instantly know why the public schools continue to be dumbed down: Keeping the population illiterate is easier if you start early!

For the most part, public education today is really just a shadow of a real education. Some students graduate from high schools with virtually no ability to read or write — much like the slaves in America’s plantation days. As illiterates, they are ripe for exploitation by powerful corporations and governments. They have no real ability to question what they’re being told, or to stand up for their own rights. They have no ability to defend themselves against the campaigns of disinformation promoted by those in power.

America’s schools do a very poor job of teaching critical thinking skills, but they do a fantastic job of churning out the next generation of illiterate wage slaves. And this, of course, is entirely the point. That’s why you can’t even call public schools a “failure” — because they are actually quite good at what they’re designed to do: Train people to be mind slaves who get along in society without asking too many questions.

Getting back to the question at the top of this article, the truth is that even really smart people are mind slaves, too, because you don’t get through the world of academia by asking lots of questions. You survive academia by conforming. You get through medical school by swallowing whatever you’re told and shutting down that part of your brain that used to ask skeptical questions. People who ask too many questions get flunked out.

Thus, all the people who become the top doctors, academics and leaders in our nation are, by definition, conformists. That’s how they are so easily fooled by the disinformation campaigns waged by Big Pharma, the FDA and the medical journals about cancer cures, vitamin D and vaccines. And that’s how they end up with a double-doctorate degree in physics while chowing down a greasy, genetically-modified cheeseburger in the other.

Article adapted from NaturalNews.com