Hiatal hernia and Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) has a natural cure and is totally preventable. The allopathic or traditional Western medical approach depends on chemicals, radiation and surgery for everything.

What Western medicine doesn’t get is your body has a natural intelligent design to it. There are natural principles that always heal and if you get out of harmony with these principles dis-ease and dis-order set in.

That’s why a student of Western medicine can devote their life to analyzing separate parts of the body and still not know how it all works together. Western medical school is biased toward a mechanistic and chemical philosophy. This opinion limits the student and places blocks in front of what may otherwise be obvious solutions.

Even the new science of physics, called quantum mechanics, admits you cannot separate your observations from the dynamic whole; everything influences everything else. Even the observer influences the observed.

Ultimately, all medical assumptions are completely biased according to their ulterior motive. I can’t think of a more arrogant statement than to claim your Hiatal hernia or your GERD has no cure, let alone natural cure.

Everything works together more intimately than we ever imagined.

A fundamental flaw with Western medicine is that it still clings to pure analysis and rejects the “holistic approach.” It seems everyone is a specialist or a general practitioner and neither of these schools of thought are sufficient in span or adequate in depth.

The art of healing once revered by the ancients has been replaced with a “disease-management” protocol that can’t see the forest for the trees.

I don’t agree after years of learning from a strictly analytical model, that dosing, burning and slicing would seem a reasonable way to eliminate patient complaints. I believe someday historians will look back at all the barbaric techniques we used to stop symptoms and gasp with horror.

I understand your Hiatal hernia and cause miserable pain and damage to your body. But, the only reason to ever use drugs is if you were completely unaware of a natural cure for Hiatal hernia and GERD, or you were absolutely unwilling to make a few simple changes to your diet and try a few easy exercises.

Western medicine’s foundation is built upon analysis and dissection. That’s also why the Standard American Diet (SAD) is the unhealthiest diet in the civilized world today. Is it stubborn pride that keeps the Western world in a scientific land lock?

Hiatal hernia and GERD are simply a disease of affluence. In other words, a disease from inferior food sources, a sedentary lifestyle and stress.

For thousands of years healing was a valuable art and then, all of a sudden, in the late 19th century a group of businessmen decided to create a monopoly out of medicine. The destructive thing about cliques, secret societies and fraternities like the AMA is they hold little or no value for the individual.

Ancient medicine was founded on exactly the opposite. Individual healers were held accountable for their actions and expected to explain them in plain language. If they were unsuccessful they were ostracized, imprisoned or killed. Under these conditions Western medicine wouldn’t survive very long.

No one should ever suffer with a Hiatal hernia so long that they end up with Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disorder. Too many people just chug on Maalox, Mylanta and chow down aluminum tainted Tums, eventually having to face the inevitable.

The trick is gulping down buckets of Pepto Bismol allows you to continue eating all the food and stuff that is causing your reflux issues. Meanwhile, Hiatal hernias reoccur and stomach acids keep erupting into your esophagus causing tissue damage, cancer and even death.

The end result of ignoring a curable Hiatal hernia is GERD. If you keep going down that road you wind up looking at surgery. But, this need not be!

A study by a UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas concluded anti-reflux surgery is about as good for treating severe heartburn as antacid products. The 10 year study showed two-thirds of the patients who underwent surgery to treat GERD, were still taking acid reflux medications.

As with any medical treatment, be absolutely certain you are aware of the alternatives and risks. Ask fearless questions and demand what outcome you can expect. If a surgical procedure is proposed, always seek out 3 opinions: a western opinion, an integrative medical viewpoint and a naturopathic or holistic assessment.

Of course, using secret medical jargon still persuades many people to believe there is no cure for Hiatal Hernia or GERD. As far as Western medicine is concerned, the truth is there really isn’t a natural cure for anything.

Why is that? Well, let me tell you. Because the American Medical Association (AMA), is dumbing down patients to actually believe only drugs can treat or cure diseases. And if they don’t have a drug for that, well, then they claim there is no cure. But, the fact is there has been a natural cure for centuries that they don’t want you to know about.

You’re a customer and ancient medicine is their competition.

Frankly, I don’t care if I offend a few people who are unwilling to look “out-side-the-box.” Better to offend a close-minded doctor than to promote ignorance to the world. Ignorance does not lead to bliss; it leads to suffering, disease and death.

Sure, a few colleagues might feel betrayed that I let their secret out. But, the people being lied to should be the one’s upset, not the liars. I guess that’s human nature.

There is a natural GERD cure and don’t let anyone intimidate you into giving up the fight. Let me share something with you that changed the way I see my own suffering; “Sometimes the answer isn’t really hidden from you, sometimes you are turning away from the answer that is looking straight at you.”

Today your search to heal your Hiatal Hernia episodes comes to a close. Your body’s own internal intelligent design will even do it for you. You simply need to help. I used to feel confused about acid reflux and Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease, too. But, what I found is all I needed to do was remove the blocks to great health and the answer would come to me.

There is a reason you received this letter. You asked for it and simply by asking, you attracted your own solution. It all starts with a tiny bit of willingness to trust Mama Nature to take you by the hand and place you back on your natural pathway. But, it all ends with you believing in yourself again and getting the results you want without drugs.

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