That danger of treating High Blood Pressure symptoms as a disease is that whatever is causing it gets worse. Whenever you confuse the effect for the cause of anything, you usually wind up wasting your time treating a symptom.

This explains why there are so many drugs available but you never see a blood pressure cure.

The drug companies want you to believe your High Blood Pressure is a disease because they are good at covering up symptoms. You take a pill and your High Blood pressure goes down, you suffer some side effects, some you can feel, some you can’t . . . and you think that’s you’re cured.

That’s just plain wrong!

The irony is while they claim to be helping you fight High Blood Pressure, they are doing more harm than good. Your body is primarily electric and that’s why trace minerals are so important. Chemical action is a slow secondary process. All the drug companies want you to believe is that their drugs can replace your body’s faulty chemical system.

Nothing could be further from the truth for a blood pressure cure.

Trace minerals conduct electricity. Minerals like potassium, sodium, calcium, zinc and magnesium all work together to conduct vitamins and messenger molecules around from cell to cell.

Drugs are actually electrical disruptors which have “patented” or somewhat predictable results, but in a limited toxic fashion.

Think about it for a moment: Why do they measure your heart beat with an electrocardiogram? Why do they measure your brain with an electroencephalogram? First thing they give you in the hospital is an intravenous solution of sodium and water. That’s because minerals conduct electricity, which regulate heart beat and everything else.

If you’ve ever had a heart attack they electrocute you to “jump start” your heart and sometimes implant a “pace maker.

You already knew you’re a body’s not clinically dead when their heart stops. They wait for the “electrical” signal to go away from the brain, then declare them gone.

This whole High Blood Pressure scam is preventing nothing but people from getting well. High Blood Pressure Symptoms is promoted by biological drought and lack of plant sourced minerals.

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