We’ll do almost anything for our beloved animals. Yet many of them still suffer from bad breath, itchy skin, dull dry coats and intestinal gas. Thanks to Big Pharma influence, veterinary medicine today has become just as problematic as the conventional medical system to treat humans. If you want a healthy pet, you’ve got to get back to basics: nutrition, exercise, disease prevention and natural remedies.

Here are insider tips and cautionary tales from the April issue of Home Cures That Work for Pets that will help you save time, trouble and trauma – for everyone in the family. They are specific secrets you can use right now to heal your pets, keep them healthy and help them live longer.

Natural Remedies For A Healthy Pet ← Avoid animal diseases and problems

Rescue A Pet ← Best therapy on earth

Is Pet Shop Food Dangerous? ←12 reasons to prepare your pet’s meals

Recipe for a Long Healthy Life ←Putting diet into practice

Travel Safely With A Pet ← 3 rules to travel with a pet

Put Pets First ← Treating your pet as well as you treat yourself

Pet Joint Supplement Review ← Choose one that is safe

Energy Tonic for Pets ← Increase vitality in dogs and cats

Protective Dog?  – Change can be smooth

Worst Advice If You Want Longevity ← Common assumptions are wrong

Everybody has secrets, even your vet. These are some of the top natural remedy secrets you’ll need to know to keep your pet safe and well throughout their lifetime.

I started making cat food as recommended and my 10-year-old cat’s skin allergy stopped within 48 hours! Nowadays, she is running around, chasing her tail and generally acting like a fool–she’s very healthy and happy.

Happy pets = happy families. Be happy today. Go Fetch!

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P.S. Before you buy your next store-bought pet food or take Fido (or Fluffy) to the vet, be sure to read this issue. You’ll be shocked at what is in it. It’s worth every minute and every dollar to ensure long life of the pet you love so they can run, play and lick your face in the coming years. You’d do it for your family member, why not for your pet?

This is my stinky dog Barclay that is going to get a make over with the new issue of Home Cures That Work for Pets! What beloved pet of yours is going to get healthier and happier?