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Are E-cigarettes Safe? — The vaping community continues to push the belief that electronic cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes, pose little health risk to the vaper and are much more socially acceptable than smoking cigarettes or cigars. E-cigarettes are perceived to be less harmful than conventional cigarettes, and they are thought to be useful aids to quitting. How well grounded are these perceptions?

August 2016 Home Cures That WorkArsenic—Like it or Not, You’re Getting a Daily Dose!  Arsenic is one of the world’s most toxic elements. Throughout history, arsenic has been infiltrating our food and water. However, this problem is now getting worse. Widespread pollution is raising the levels of arsenic in foods, posing a serious health risk. Recently, studies have detected high levels of arsenic in rice. This is a major concern, since rice is a staple food for a large part of the world’s population. Should you be worried? Let’s have a look.

Natural Remedies for Healthy Pets  Do you consider your pet a part of the family?  I sure do. I’m not only concerned with what I put in my children’s bodies, but what goes in my dog’s body, as well.  Would you serve your kids leftover parts from a butcher shop, give them pesticides, or chemicals to eat? It’s important to know about your options in pet care in order to make the best decisions for your pet’s health and well-being. Naturopath Amanda Box believes that “standard” care is causing more harm than good. In this article, she covers natural remedy therapies and alternative pet care.  She demonstrates that most animal diseases and problems can be avoided and treated naturally.

Vitamin D: Supplement Effectiveness, Benefits and Safety — Vitamin D is the only vitamin the body can manufacture from sunlight. Yet, with today’s indoor living and extensive use of sunscreens due to concern about skin cancer, we are now a society deficient in life-sustaining, immune building vitamin D. Research clearly demonstrates that vitamin D affects human health in an astonishing number of ways. And when we don’t obtain enough of this important nutrient, we leave the door open to developing a number of health conditions. Because of the wide role it plays in our health, here are 15 surprising benefits of supplementing with vitamin D.

Humility: Learning to Breathe Underwater  In light of the upcoming presidential race, I think it’s safe to say that, as a society, we could use a little more humility.  As presidential candidates gloat on their accomplishments and make boastful promises, even a small display of humility refreshes like a drowning man coming up for air. So let’s answer the question: Why is humility good?


P.S.  2 Juice Recipes for Kidney Detox Watermelon is 92% water by weight, which means that it will help your body flush the kidneys to remove very small stones. It is also an amazing source of potassium, a mineral salt that can help dissolve kidney stones allowing the residue to pass. Click here for 2 juice recipes to remove kidney stones and inflammation.