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The Truth about Immunotherapy — Is immunotherapy a “miracle cancer cure” and “the biggest breakthrough since chemotherapy? Everyone’s making a big deal about it, but is it all it’s cracked up to be?…

Home Cures That Work June 2016Why Everyone Should Eat More Avocados — You can spread it like butter, use it in your favorite salad or make fresh guacamole. Never feel guilty about using avocado in any dish because it’s packed with healthy fats – and that’s just one of avocado’s many nutrition benefits.

10 Medicinal Herbs, Oils and Foods of the Bible — As far back as Bible times, people suffered with many of the same things that we do today. You’ll be amazed at God’s provision of ancient natural health remedies…some from very unlikely sources.

The Heavy Metal You Can’t Live Without — Do you feel tired all the time, have trouble sleeping and struggle to find the energy to exercise? You could be one of the millions of people deficient in a crucial mineral. Iron is essential for energy because it’s a building block for the red blood cells that transport oxygen around the body. This explains why constant tiredness is a tell-tale sign that you have low iron.


P.S.  Home Cures That Work for Spine Health
The spine is not something that usually comes to mind when one thinks about nutrition – but it should. Your spine is your backbone and is made and maintained, repaired, and protected with proper nutrition. The upkeep and repair of bone and connective tissue requires the right amounts of vitamins and other nutrients working together found in the Spine Health issue of Home Cures That Work.