This month’s issue of Home Cures That Work is now available online. And it’s jam-packed with healthful information, tips and recipes. From collagen to Candida to canines and cannabis you’ll love these articles!

7 Reasons to Start Adding Collagen to Your Diet, Plus 3 Ways to Do it – In former times, we consumed collagen as a regular part of our diet. But today, like many other vitamins, minerals and nutrients, collagen is largely lacking from our diet. Learn 7 compelling reasons to work collagen back into your diet to promote amazing health. Our certified health coach makes this easy with three simple recipes.

Candida: The Root to Many Health Problems – Are you suffering from numerous, seemingly unrelated ailments? Candida could be the culprit behind them all. One-third of all Americans have systemic Candida—and most don’t even know it! Discover how to diagnose Candida simply and treat it naturally. We provide clear steps to help you get rid of this underlying problem that causes so much suffering in so many lives.

Home Cures That Work September 2016What Is Your Dog Eating? – Warning: If you’re squeamish, you may not want to read this article! You won’t believe what your dog is eating and you won’t like it either. But again, we don’t leave you hanging! Discover some great dog food options and learn 5 tips for choosing a high quality pet food. Remember, just because your dog likes it, doesn’t mean that it’s good for her (or him).

Marijuana: Is it Safe and Legal? – Two states have “legalized” recreational marijuana. But is it really legal? The medical use of marijuana is also on the rise. So what’s the skinny on weed? Is it safe? Can it help heal you? What are its side-effects? Does everyone react the same to it? Discover the answers to these questions and more from Dr. Scott Saunders. There’s no “smoke-blowing” in this article. He just tells it like it is.


P.S. Can you guess which herbal supplements help kill Candida? Find out in this issue of Home Cures That Work!