The circle is complete; Barton Publishing has come full circle.  We started in 2003 as a “pest remedy” company with our first website Soon after ladybugs, we created a natural remedy for box elder bugs (stay tuned to see how you can get your free copy!).

With the current issue of Home Cures That Work on Bed Bugs, we’ve returned to the core of who we are. Getting rid of nasty bugs is near and dear to the heart of Barton Publishing!

Today, bed bugs are sneaking back between the sheets around the globe.  Sucking your blood for nutrition, these hotel vampiresbed bugs – are on the loose in your beds, hiding in between mattresses, upholstered furniture and behind baseboards – and are ready to hitchhike.  They can infest unwitting wealthy people, business travelers and the common homebody. They hide out in areas around the boudoir to come out at night and feast primarily on your neck, shoulders and arms while you sleep.

What can you do to avoid these “creatures of the night?

You don’t have to fumigate your house for thousands of dollars or throw away your children’s stuffed animals. Turn to the Home Cures That Work May issue on Bed Bugs for:

  • Detection: Identify bed bug infestation – learn to read the signs on the wall, the bed and clues on your own body.
  • Treatment: Get educated about which treatment options are safe to consider, thorough and affordable.
  • Prevention: Stop bed bugs before they bury themselves and reproduce. What you need to know to be a natural remedy bed bug repellent.

Cloves of garlic and a crucifix won’t stop bed bugs!

So, how do we secure our families and prevent these bed bugs from entering our homes? If we have the power to shut a vampire out of our home by refusing to give it permission to come in, we can repel bed bugs by making sure they have no place to stay in.

To give bed bugs the heave-ho, you’ll want to follow the steps outlined in this month’s issue of Home Cures That Work.  You can get rid of them naturally and safely, but it will take some time and effort.

We’ve created a comprehensive review of sprays and heat devices proven to be effective that ensure these nocturnal super-vampire roaches, which are rather elusive to pesticides, can be killed.

Feeling creeped out yet?

Home Cures That Work can help you tuck someone you love into bed, and guarantee a smile and pleasant dreams – bed bug free! Visit Home Cures That Work today to expose the very real dread of an actual bed bug infestation, which is much more scary and repulsive than even the worst vampire movie.

Furthermore, to celebrate returning to our roots, Home Cures That Work members will receive the Box Elder Bug Removal Report free this month!

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Cheryl Inghram
Editor, Home Cures That Work

P.S. WAIT: Don’t start throwing things away. You might commonly hear horror stories about furnishings and belongings, even family heirlooms having to be trashed from bed bugs.  The natural remedy treatments used in our May edition of Home Cures That Work can rid your belongings of bed bugs, stay clean and in the family!