A customer of mine asked my friend, Dr. Saunders, if he could answer the question “How can I reduce high blood pressure naturally?”

This is a short list that needs many pages and chapters each by themselves, but if you take this and run with it, you should be able to lower your blood pressure naturally.

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Answer by Dr. Saunders:
Following are thirty ways to reduce hypertension, NATURALLY.  All of
them have at least weak evidence.  However, I must also say that a
placebo given with knowledge that it’s a placebo was shown to work as
well as most of these.  The list is important because it tells us that
hypertension isn’t a disease, but rather a symptom of many different
problems.  It is agreed among most natural practitioners of health
care that the balance between sodium, potassium, calcium, and
magnesium account for most hypertension in the Western world.  Many of
the rest are related to eating too much, and being sedentary.

1) Exercise enough to breathe hard or sweat — Increase exercise tolerance
2) High-fiber diet
3) Increase fruits to five servings per day
4) Increase vegetables to five servings per day
5) Decrease fat intake
6) Drink V-8 Juice daily (I don’t get anything from them, this is a real study)
7) Add potassium (food is the best, but pills also work)
8) Decrease sodium intake
9) Hawthorne
10) Drink more water
11) CoQ-10
12) Slow, deep breathing
13) Yoga/pilates
14) Stop eating sugar/sweets
15) Quit smoking
16) Limit alcohol to once a week
17) Magnesium supplement
18) Calcium supplement
19) Garlic (1 raw clove per day, crushed)
20) Decrease stress
21) Write in a journal/diary
22) Meditation
23) Prayer
24) Lose weight
25) Cod Liver Oil/fish oil
26) Folic acid
27) Lime blossom
28) Kudzu
29) Fast for 24 hours once per month (drink only water)
30) Mistletoe

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