Too many of us eat without considering whether it’s good for us or not. It sounds like a cliché, but seriously, your health depends on two primary things:

  1. Your attitude
  2. Quality foods

Attitude is first because that’s where your actions originate. You have the most power to control your thinking over anything else.

A naturally healthy attitude will drive you to eat the highest quality foods you can get your hands on.

Attitude also comes first because there is a powerful link between your digestive system (gut) and your brain (Central Nervous System or CNS).

Leading scientists have shown the gut has a mind of its own, like your brain, but only on a smaller scale. This smaller brain is your “Enteric Nervous System” (ENS).

Whether you call it your digestive tract, Enteric Nervous System or gut, it serves you well by transmitting and receiving electromagnetic and chemical signals between trillions of cells.

Your brain and your gut are immersed in a biological ocean of neurotransmitters, from your vagus nerve running through your brain, between the tissue lining in your throat, down to your stomach to the ends of your colon and small intestine.

Seen holistically, your brain, gut and Central Nervous System (CNS) are literally one massive “Inner-net” of nerve cells that represent the body of memory referred to as your “gut feelings.

This “Inner-net” or gut behaves like a supercomputer linking your DNA to your cellular body and electromagnetically to your environment through air, light, water and food.

This information system is first and foremost a network of intelligence, which depends on your attitude and the quality of food you have.

Whether you feel good or bad totally depends on these two functions: thinking and digesting.

The food you eat has to be digested down into small units called molecules. These molecules provide energy for the 100,000,000 neurons in your intestinal system.

Here’s where the parable of whether “the egg or chicken” came first comes in.

Have you ever felt your mood change because you are hungry, or because you eat something you shouldn’t have? That’s because those nutritional molecules drive your “inner-net” in your gut . . . those “feel good” neurotransmitters, like serotonin, dopamine and endorphins need high quality nutritional moleculesto keep you feeling well.

P.S. Eating quality foods rich with Essential Fatty Acids, proteins, and vitamins fuel your emotional body, as well as your physical. Good attitude drives a healthy diet, which in turn drives how you feel.

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