How’s it going?

I mean that sincerely… how are you doing?

I was doing some reflections earlier today, and had the idea
of sharing with you a few ideas on how to get out of a “rut”…
just in case you’re feeling like life’s wheels are spinning,
but you’re not getting anywhere.

I’ve been in life-ruts before, and it’s no fun. Everything
seems bland and ordinary. Things don’t excite you as much
as you think they should.

You get stuck in a routine, and there seems to be no way out.

So, what is a rut, anyway?

The dictionary defines a rut as:
1. A sunken track or groove made by the passage of vehicles.
2. A fixed, usually boring routine.

Cross-country skiers make ruts in the snow – and it’s usually
helpful for their speed, because they’re not breaking new

But in life, most people don’t benefit from ruts. So, I’ve come up with
a list of 23 things you can do TODAY to get out of a rut, and
start experiencing life in a whole new perspective.

Here they are, in no particular order:

1) Rearrange your furniture

2) Change your cologne or perfume, your shampoo, and your
body wash or soap

3) Call an old friend or relative that you miss talking to

4) Change your hair style or something about your look

5) Take a cold COLD shower

6) Drive a completely different route to work or to the store

7) Go 24 hours without eating any food (just drink water)

8) Spend time reading a good book that’s inspired you in the past

9) Try to make two new friends, and go visit a new restaurant with them

10) Eat something you’ve never eaten before

11) Buy a new pair of shoes that are different from any you have

12) Read a new book that you normally wouldn’t read

13) Write in your journal

14) Go to the library

15) Ask a stranger what they would do if they won the lottery, and listen

16) Visit a few people at an old-folks home for a couple hours

17) Sign up to learn a new sport or activity

18) Have a picnic out in the country – on the ground, with a blanket

19) Stay up late and look at the stars, far from the city lights

20) Skip, don’t walk, in every parking lot you’re in

21) Make a “bucket list” – a dream list, or a wish list of what
you want in life – allow no boundaries

22) Get up 30 minutes earlier, and go to bed 30 minutes earlier

23) Buy a new toothbrush, and use a new kind of toothpaste

I could probably go on and list another 20-30 things, if I
kept writing… but now it’s your turn.

Take action!

Get out of your rut, and do a few things from the list above!

Then, leave a comment in the comments section (below) and
let me and others know if it helped! Also, feel free to share your
own suggestions for how to get out of a rut!

I hope this blog post has inspired you to get out of a rut, and
to give you a little bit of hope that better days are sure
to come… just don’t give up!

Yours for excellent health,
Joe Barton